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Grammys Rocket ChairGrammy’s Rocket Chair on a FREEKER Friday Night!

So Many Opinions….. So Little Time! I wonder why some are supposed to Matter More simply because the ones that are expressing them have additional letters, like MD or PhD or Rep or D or R behind their names. I’ve gotta tell ya, I’ve met quite a few Individuals with Extra Letters behind their names in my life……. and for the most part……. no matter the Topic……. I’m more inclined to believe and/or agree (even somewhat) with Individuals that are “Extra-Letter-Less”.

Could that belief/agreement stem from the Fact that I Too am “Extra-Letter-Less”? Possibly……

Could it be that the ones With “Extra Letters” wear them as a Badge and carry them with an Air of Arrogance? Quite Probably……

Maybe it’s a combination of those two…….. and the fact that I know that “Education” does not always equal “Knowledge”…….. basically meaning that some of the Best Lessons in Life don’t come from a Book but rather from Experience! Life is all about Observing, Interacting and Learning from Everything & Everyone around you……. and then fitting the pieces together, all while remembering that if it Doesn’t Fit, Don’t Force It…… just set it aside……. because if it’s meant for you, it Will Fit eventually…… and if it doesn’t…… then maybe you need to either look at it from Another Angle or Just Let It Go!

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Much Love ~ Grammy

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