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Grammys Rocket ChairGrammy’s Rocket Chair and it’s Pretty WHACKED!

The Propaganda is STRONG with People it seems……. and yet……. it also appears that Many are Stepping Away from that Trough and getting Very Vocal…… Sometimes at Their Own Peril.

There have Always Been “Powerful Forces” at work in the World…… mostly behind the scenes…… but now it seems as tho a Rift has grown in those same Forces. The Old Guard is still of a mindset that “If They can’t have it, No One Will!” while Others (I believe the numbers are growing) SEE the Folly in that mindset. They realize that there really is No Safe Place for them to Ride Out the Course that’s been “Set” for Years (Decades, Centuries)……. and so, with the help of the Internet, They are Leaking & Thwarting “The Plan” via “The Masses”.

More & More are Questioning “The Narrative”……. doing their own research….. and Sharing what they are Finding! And Yet, at the same time, there also seems to be a Ramping Up of The Shills, The Useful Idiots, The Feeders at the Propaganda Trough and Swillers of Fool-Aid. It’s enough to make me wonder, Is This ALL Part of “The Plan” as well? Controlling the Narrative from Multiple Perspectives? Or are WE Really Making Progress??? I guess time will tell……. but however this plays out…… It Will Be Interesting……. and I’m mindful of the old curse “May You Live in Interesting Times”! Curse or Not…… I’ll keep Doing My Thing until I’m no longer able to and maybe by that time where won’t BE So Many D’OH Moments……. It could happen! 😉

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Much Love ~ Grammy

OH….. I Almost Forgot to Warn You……. Here There Be “F-BOMBS”!

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