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Grammys Rocket Chair

Grammy’s Rocket Chair on a FREEKER Friday!

I’m not going to write a Long Ass Blog for this one because I think the Links I covered pretty much Speak for Themselves…….

Basically it boils down to, WE are Told “This will be Good for You” or “This Will Be Beneficial for You” or “This will make Your Life Easier” OR Conversely “This is BAD for You” or “It’s Too Complicated, You wouldn’t Understand” or “Just leave that to US, WE Know what’s Best for You”…….

When you hear ANY of Those, Interpret them as meaning the Exact Opposite!

That’s pretty much Why, Whenever I Hear “I’m From the Government & I’m Here to Help” I get CHILLS Running Down My Spine!

Do Your OWN Research & Find Out for Yourself!

Thanks for Giving a Listen & Be Sure to check out ALL the Other AWESOME Shows here on the RLM!

Much Love ~ Grammy


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