The Dork Table Podcast Blog – 2018-12-29 – The Three-Step Plan to UNfunk the World

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The Three-Step Plan to UNfunk the World

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Fair Dinkum
VinE joined Flash for tales of sales jobs of the past…VinE gives us an update on the Bundy/BLM fiasco…Flash and VinE fight for volume control…More Bundy Updates and the never-ending details of the simple 3 step plan to UNfunk the World…

Egregious Intentional Misconduct: Free Pass for the Prosecution, aka “The Role of the Advocate”.

Polluting the Jury Pool.
1-way How the State sets public opinion.
I Saw these actions on TheFogBowForum in the Bruce Doucette Case.

*Federal Leviathan. (see more: Roger Roots)*

  • *

Adjudicated Civil & Administrative Matters v Prosection in Broad Generalised Regulatory Schemes by Congress.

dismiss indictments for failure to prove the crime.

Ethical Corruption; A Cadre of Prosecutors – “Fair Dinkum” take it or leave it.

untainted assets. lawyer jokes

Absolute Immunity for Prosecutors?

Vincent Easley II Freidman
thx Cowboy Tech

2nd hour
Let’s Write a Short-Story

Rural Land Rights Advocates (RLRA)
Bill Goode‎Rural Land Rights Advocates (RLRA)
25 December 2017 at 13:04 ·

𝗪𝗵𝗮𝘁’𝘀 𝗮𝘁 𝗦𝘁𝗮𝗸𝗲 𝗶𝗻 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗕𝘂𝗻𝗱𝘆 𝗧𝗿𝗶𝗮𝗹?

To be sure no lawyer wants to lose a case, so certainly the prosecution does not want to lose in Las Vegas. However, the stakes are much broader than that for both sides. The very survival of the BLM itself is at stake.

The BLM was established in 1946, merging the US Grazing Service (est 1934) and the General Land Office (est 1812) into a single agency, presumably to manage public lands, as its name would suggest. It did that for a while, but it does very little land management today – Ask any rancher. Instead the BLM today manages other federal agencies that manage public lands, ie National Park Service, National Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife Service.

At a public hearing I attended about a year & a half ago, National Park and National Forest representatives acknowledged that all land improvements under their jurisdiction must be cleared through the BLM. The Fish & Wildlife Service was not represented at the hearing, but I would presume, based on experience and observations at the Malheur Refuge standoff, that the Fish & Wildlife Service would fall in line with these other agencies under the BLM.

What is commonly called BLM land are public lands outside those agencies and has not been allocated specifically for conservation and / or recreational purposes by the President or Congress. These are the primary lands that ranchers graze their cattle on, though the Forest Service and Park Service lands also have grazing allotments on their lands.

National Monuments come under the jurisdiction of any of these agencies. Thus the BLM creates its own National Monuments, including Gold Butte and Bears Ears. Additionally the the BLM has designated (on its own without Presidential or Congressional approval) some 749 BLM land areas as “Wilderness Study Areas” and “Wilderness Areas”. These areas have presumably been dedicated for conservation purposes as the category names would suggest. However mineral studies are done in those areas for potential mining activity, but the BLM disallows ranch grazing to take place on these areas.

When the Bundys are finally declared innocent in the Las Vegas trial, that will only conclude the legal status of individuals involved in the Bunkerville standoff. Then there is Cliven’s suit and the suits of other standoff defendants against the DOJ that must be decided in court.

However, the most significant issue after the current Las Vegas trial will be the legal status of the Bundy Ranch itself. The legal status of the Bundy Ranch is now held in abeyance, despite the return of the Bundy cattle. The Bunkerville grazing allotment was officially closed by the BLM after the standoff, though the Bundy cattle do still graze on that land. So that’s a conflict that must be resolved.

The BLM could restore the Bunkerville grazing allotment for which Cliven was declining to pay grazing fees to the BLM. So such a restoration would not resolve anything. We would simply be back at the point in 1993 when Cliven stopped paying his grazing fees to the BLM and sent the fees to Clark County instead, which has declined to cash Cliven’s check.

Of course we know the area lawfully belongs to the State of Nevada per the state’s Enabling Act of 1864. But will the BLM give up control of this area easily? Not likely.

If the BLM were ordered to surrender that land to either Clark County or Nevada, just think of the precedent that would set. Just think of all the millions of acres of BLM public lands being ranchers. If grazing lands were turned over to states and / or counties, the BLM would lose control of those 155 million acres, an area almost as big as Texas. This is what the feds are fighting to keep – control over public lands and the very existence of the BLM itself.
— with Ammon Bundy.

Jerome Badura
Bill, I BELIEVE it’s broader then the BLM, I BELIEVE we to steal a LaVoyism are crossing a “Rubicon” moment in this trial.

Daniel Knight
BLM would have killed everyone ,even the Dogs MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE,,

Marty Hansen
The BLM is the front for the exploitation of the land by the few. It needs to be abolished, things need to be set straight. Neither China nor Russia have any business in the Sovereign States. The federal government has no authority to allow anything like a sale of mineral rights to anyone let alone the Russians. Nor does it have the power to allot land to China for any kind of supposed installation, “solar energy” or otherwise. They are attempting to set up a sovereign zone for China. It is treason all of it, and we dam well should wake up and do something about it, get the management of these lands back in the hands of the people, on a local level, our liberty, and our sovereignty as nation States depends on it.

Alan Clark
Putting the focus on Bunkerville distracts everyone from the more than extreme Governmental tyranny by out top politicians in Oregon!

Alan Clark
Case in point…….during the protest is how I found out about UR1. My gf will testify I’ve been yelling and posting about Hillary selling our natural resources since Jan 2016. A solid year and half plus before it was ever mentioned on MSM!

Jennifer Esposito
We need to tweet directly to Trump and Zinke and demand BLM be shut down.

Dee Kat
May God be with the Bundys amen

David Straight
Title 5 U.S.C. § 4502, and other sections of law cited herein, provide for secret cash awards to federal government employees. Said secret cash awards can be paid to a Judge, Assistant U.S. Attorneys, IRS agents and your attorney, whose first duty is to the court, in the performance of successful prosecutions against the American People. Payments to said federal employees are concealed from Public scrutiny and therefore constitute bribes, a blatant conflict of interest, and abandonment of judicial neutrality, Discrimination, and denial of Due Process of Law.

David Straight
Judges and prosecutors receive tax free net retention’s from dept. of fiscal services for each felony conviction. They are paid to charge you with a crime and get a conviction. No due process.

Merry Smith
The “justice” system is a game played by lawyers. No justice involved.

Marty Hansen

The “Shadow Government” is purely and simply all the federal agencies taken together. These Agencies came into existence between 1900 and 1940 for the most part, with a few being added over the years since then. We call them the “alphabet soup” agencies because of the acronyms used to name these entities: FBI, FEMA, IRS, BATF, BLM, DHS, etc. None of these entities are authorized by our government to exist, much less are they authorized to exercise governmental authority of any kind in our behalf. They are not specifically authorized to operate on our soil, but have only been allowed to do so as subcontractors of the federal government corporations which have farmed out their responsibilities to subsidiaries.

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