The Ambush & Attempted Assassination of Jeffrey Weinhaus by the MSHP

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Vincent Easley II

10 years ago today Jeffrey Weinhaus was ambushed by (MSHP) in an attempted assassination with two bullets in his chest, and two in his head.

He has spent the last 3,601 days imprisoned.

“Ten years ago today Jeffrey Weinhaus, aka The Bulletinman, received a call from the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) informing him that they wanted to return his computers and other property they confiscated via a search warrant. The warrant itself may have been illegal, part of a ruse, a trick intended to deceive someone.
Weinhaus was eager to get his equipment back. He was a publisher, content creator and educator in the sense that he was trying to bring awareness to fellow citizens on corruption he believed was occurring in Crawford and Franklin County Sheriff’s.
MSHP Sgt. Henry Folsom along with his partner Cpl Scott Mertens, chose a place that was somewhat rural. Weinhaus had a huge distrust of law enforcement based on research he was doing on several fronts. He can be heard calling pastors asking if they would accompany him to get his equipment back. No one was available in such short notice.
Upon arriving at the prearranged meeting place, Sgt. Folsom and Weinhaus exchanged casual greetings. The two men bantered back and forth about Weinhaus having a holstered gun on his hip, something he was known to do.
Without provocation, Sgt. Folsom opened fire on Weinhaus. He fired four shots, all hitting Weinhaus. Two of those bullets were to the head, the graphic scene would lead one to believe Weinhaus was dead. As a matter of record, Sgt. Folsom and Cpl. Mertens thought he was dead.
Upon release from the hospital, Weinhaus was charged with two counts of assaulting a law enforcement officer — something that did not occur. Weinhaus was the victim, shot by a cop.
MSHP Sgt Perry Smith investigated the OIS and found Folsom did not error. Weinhaus’s smart watch paints a different story of the days events. The smartwatch wasn’t even reviewed before a Grand Jury convened and Weinhaus was indicted. The watch would eventually be reviewed by Sgt. Smith and he claims there were no discrepancies in Folsom’s report.
Here is a short segment of smartwatch video:
Folsom’s trial attorney, Hugh Eastwood, neglected to depose Sgt. Smith prior to trial. It’s quite apparent that all three MSHP officers committed perjury on the stand. A jury of 10 women and 2 men convicted Jeffrey Weinhaus, he has served nearly 10 years of a 30 year prison sentence.
Elected officials in the State of Missouri did not like Weinhaus exposing “perceived” corruption. How perceived was it if it caused the events of this day to occur? Weinhaus is labeled as anti-government, entirely false. He is anti CORRUPT government, aren’t we all?
Weinhaus was running for County Coroner. He knew if he got elected he had arresting powers for the County Sheriff. As we can conclude, this just could not happen.
One case Weinhaus was investigating was the disappearance of an 8-1/2 month pregnant woman named Amanda Jones. He was fairly certain that one Bryan Westfall was the person responsible for Ms. Jones disappearance because he was the alleged father of the unborn baby. Ironically, KSDK reported on Dec. 9, 2021 “The Missouri Attorney General’s Office was close to charging Bryan Westfall in the 2005 cold case.” Westfall died in an apparent stroke two days after investigators told Westfall’s girlfriend’s parents that “Missouri Attorney General’s Office was likely going to charge him in connection to Jones’ disappearance.”
Just another point of interest: Sgt. Folsom’s, Amy Folsom, is the Prosecuting Attorney for Lebanon, MO Municipal Court. She is currently running unopposed for Laclede County Prosecuting Attorney…/1upJmxKD3FrMJjD2JXPBRym…/view
Folsom was deemed unfit to wear the uniform. He then filed a lawsuit against MSHP for not be assigned to a light duty position. It was then, after Weinhaus was convicted, the Folsom disclosed he suffered from PTSD and was taking Ambien and Prozac.
Current AG Eric Schmitt is running for U.S. Senate. AG Schmitt recently spoke out about the Biden administration’s censoring and deplatforming of American citizens.…/missouri-ag-eric-schmitt…
Censorship and limiting free speech is just part of what this case is about. Americans demand more from those in command of officers. There is no place for the Blue Code of Silence.”
Weinhaus shooting video -WRMESQ
Weinhaus shooting video -WRMESQ
Shooting of Jeff Weinhaus, the Bulletinman, during meeting with Missouri Highway Patrol

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