Leonard Peltier – How to Garnish the Native American Vote – Whats Ron Paul’s Position on Presidential Pardon?

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The Native American vote is significant. Many Democrats amongst the Natives. But I want to know what is Ron Paul’s position on LEONARD PELTIER?

Would Ron Paul grant a Presidential Pardon of Leonard Peltier if elected President of the United States of America?

If he came out and made this an election issue, and announced the pardon and immediate release of Leonard Peliter, the Native Americans would rally amongst themselves, I believe, and in turn rally ALL OF US.

Leonard Peltier is a Political Prisoner and a victim of the lies filled and racist institution, that of the corruption plagued courts in the USA.

He didn’t get a fair trial, even the judge that presided over the case said that key evidence was withheld, scores of information that is required by law, and that had that information not been withheld, he believes that Leonard Peltier likely would have been acquitted.

If you don’t know the story of Leonard Peltier you need to educate yourself. You need to know what they did to break the spirit of the Native America and did so via covert operations against AIM (American Indian Movement) as they were going after movements, including the Black Panthers.

I think this would gain votes, if Ron Paul would come out and say he WOULD GRANT IMMEDIATE RELEASE OF LEONARD PELTIER.

All other means have been exhausted for Leonard Peliter and he has been rotting in prison for some 29 years. His situation exemplifies the tyranny and oppression that still exists in our country.

The only way Leonard Peltier could be freed is via a President to grant a pardon, as all other appeals have been exhausted, as I said, so I think we need to push Ron Paul to address this.

Can I get Ron Paul’s position on this? Can we count on RP to do the right thing? And can we rally All Americans?

This is just another angle. But it isn’t about RP. Or winning an election. It is about doing the right thing and releasing a man that would never be found guilty if the government wasn’t so racist, corrupt, and criminal. This is a human rights issue more than anything else. I’ll try to add some links to help educate you on the plight.

I talk to a lot of people about Leonard Peltier because it bothers me as an American, and they do not even know who he is. The media ignores the issue. Congressional Aids haven’t a clue.

Well this is UNACCEPTABLE.

Will Ron Paul make a statement on this? Campaign Manager, take this question seriously and get back to us.

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