RLM News – August 17th, 2011

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Appeal from Russell Means, Take the preparedness test, Government does not create jobs, they only lie, Insider says Obama to incite race riots to divide and conquer, Ron Paul is the only legitimate candidate, Globalist banksters unhappy with current GOP schlubs considering testing out Chris Christie, STFU David Cameron, NM Government to cut off it's nose to spite it's face, Tobacco companies to sue government over labels, Gold isn't even close to bubble territory

  • Russell Means is currently battling cancer and is requesting help. RLM will be holding a telethon this coming weekend to assist in this matter. Please check back here for further details on this and help if you can. Russell Means is an important voice against tyranny and in the overall fight for freedom.
  • No matter how well prepared you think you are, you can never be fully prepared for any and all eventualities. Keep checking your your supplies and knowledge to verify that you can be in the best possible position when a situation arises that requires you to be self-sufficient. Check out the link below for a list of things you may need to consider.
  • The globalist realize that none of their current flock of cookie-cutter candidates for the GOP 2012 Presidential nomination are resonating with the people are planning on adding a few new ones and see if they will do the trick. They are afraid of an honest man, that they can not buy, who speaks out against them, so they are trying their best to replicate Ron Paul with a puppet they can control. It wont work.
  • Government, in it's never ending quest to control every faction of every persons life, is continually shooting itself in the foot by limiting liberty and freedom. They have no idea why this doesn't work due to their mindset of "We own you". Sorry Government, you own nothing.

The Video recording of the show is at the bottom of the post.

These are the links from the information shared on the Real Liberty Media News on
Channel 1 – August 17th, 2011.

Accept – Balls To The Wall – Karaoke (video)

Appeal from Russell Means

Are You Prepared? Take the Preparedness Test

Sorry progressives, the Bush tax cuts did not kill the economy

Insider: Obama Team to Incite Race Riots; Use White Guilt in 2012 Election

Ron Paul, the ONLY Legitimate Candidate…

Chris Christie Exploring Presidential Run

STFU David Cameron!

Tax situation could disrupt Santa Fe's Indian Market 

NM company to sue over graphic labels

Gold Needs to Triple To Equal 1980 Peak *Chart*



Important Links I didn't have time to cover during the live show


Cop allegedly threatens to execute family after they reported his wife for reckless driving

Big Sis’ Latest Terrorists: More White Americans

OUTRAGE OF THE DAY: Do You Realize That The Government Is Still Paying Banks Not To Lend…?

As China Says No More Stimulus, Obama Comes Begging For More…. While Promising Even MORE Cuts In The Unknown Future

Rick Perry’s Campaign Strategy: Become Ron Paul

Mr. Market’s Next Attack

Steven Jacobson Mind control Neuro-linguistic programming


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