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No More War

   This weeks events has turned another page in the Book of Lies that the US Government, as well as others, had written many years ago.

    I ask all of you to use your knowledge, your voice, what ever it takes to stop what is going on in this day and age.

   We must stop the mass killing, the poisoning of the the future races. We must stand strong with all of our might and be heard. STOP THE CHAOS.

   There is a war at hand that WILL kill many if it is not stopped. If THEY want to see what we do, then use this to our advantage… GOOGLE, email, do what ever it takes… type in “NO WAR IN SYRIA, NO WAR ANYWHERE”.

   Let them know how we feel, let them know that this is not what any of us want, let them know more deaths are not the answer.

   Use the power of control that they use against all of us and direct it back towards them. DO NOT watch their BS stories on the television, DO NOT sit and let this happen.

   We have a chance to make a difference here, if we use to power of our voices. We must join together to spread the word. “NO MORE WAR”

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I am the founder of Real Liberty Media. I believe in absolute freedom for all people.

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