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Thoughts of the Day

They say they want to watch all of us for “our  safety”.  We are not to ask questions or talk of their lies. Many times we are told “nothing to see here” or, my favorite, “we can not confirm that at this time”. I sit here and wonder this morning, how many are truely awake. When I venture into the lands of the blinded, do they even care what is being done to them, to their kids’ future. I know I am not alone, but here, I am 1 face in the sea of the blinded. They talk of what new gadets they plan to buy, women and girls caring to much what they look like to impress someone else.

I watch as they come and go in their “so busy” lifestyles and wonder if they ever take that second to realize what truely matters. I think to myself what they would do when “their worlds” fall apart. When their gadets, hair products, their oh so “wonderful” life disappears. They will have not known we have learned and they will run in fear. Finding that corner where they can hide, shaking in fear, and not knowing where they will be safe, how will they eat.

We come here to unite, to learn, to share. We remain unsilenced, while the others are brainwashed and lead to believe that the governments will take care of them and not to worry, chuckles, “it will all be ok”. To them the sun rise and sets  with no care in the world. Forgetting what it means to take care of themselves, their loved ones, and the land. It’s saddening to watch as they want more and more, then turn around and waste what most are striving for. They go to bed at night, believing again what they are told “it will all be alright, tomorrow is another day”.

The governments and the blinded mass do not even care, if some will never see tomorrow morning light or even the stars when darkness falls. Some of which would rather disrespect or turn their head to those who fight to stay alive. The days when one would hold open the door for the elderly or the woman with her kids are coming to an end. You rarely see this anymore. I guess this makes me a rare breed. Though I have a hard shell and have many days when everything takes it toll, I still stop to hold open those doors, to say hello, to try and someone out there that there are still people who care.

I know this is not my normal style of writing, but hey, I am of many colors and so are you. That is what makes each and every one of us unique in some way. So I ask of you today, the next time you see someone walk if front of the elderly because they are “so busy”, to stop them and say ” Hey, their life means just as much as your busy day”. The next time you see someone sick and alone, let them know, they do matter, that they are a shining light in this world. Or even when you see a family struggling at the store to buy the basics, knowing they can get it all, pitch in and help them. Every life has a purpose, every soul has a chance.

No longer shall we sit back and watch as our governments destroy us or the blinded ones. You must show them the way, show them that they world cares. Show them that what they are being told is a lie. Let them know, it is not always ok. Tell them they don’t need all the latest gadgets, the make-up, the lastest fashions, ect. Let them know that they can survive if this world of distractions and chaos, if they would only give it a try.

I am posting this today as is… no changes .. no additions… I want it to be read as is.. I thank all of you for reading this, as well as my other blogs.

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