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corpo2Quotes about Oligarchy
“We must not tolerate oppressive government or industrial oligarchy in the form of monopolies and cartels.”
Henry A. Wallace

“A slave government is an oligarchy; and one, too, of the most arbitrary and criminal character.”
Lysander Spooner

“There has always been, and there is now, a profound conflict of interest between the people and the government of the United States.”
Howard Zinn

“Representative government is artifice, a political myth, designed to conceal from the masses the dominance of a self-selected, self-perpetuating, and self-serving traditional ruling class.”
Giuseppe Prezzolini

“The essence of oligarchical rule is not father-to-son inheritance, but the persistence of a certain world-view and a certain way of life … A ruling group is a ruling group so long as it can nominate its successors … Who wields power is not important, provided that the hierarchical structure remains always the same”
George Orwell

“A ruling intelligentsia, whether in Europe, Asia or Africa, treats the masses as raw material to be experimented on, processed, and wasted at will.”
Eric Hoffer

“Those in power must spend a lot of their time laughing at us.”
Alice Walker

These are the links to the stories covered on the RLM News Show – August 30, 2013

NSA paying U.S. companies for access to networks
NSA paying U.S. companies for access to networks

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UPDATE! Obama Plans Solo Attack on Syria After Snubbed by UK

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports that Obama plans solo attack on Syria after UK snub.

Links to other Important Stories I didn’t have time to cover on the show

US ready for military action in Syria 'on our own' - Obombya
US ready for military action in Syria ‘on our own’ – Obombya

What do Americans think about War with Syria

In this video Luke Rudkowski hits the streets of NYC to talk to random people about the current situation regarding Syria. This is an honest look into what random people think about the upcoming war. Everyone who was interviewed was included in this video and we did not edit out anyone who we talked to. As you can see the majority of people we spoke to were against the war, except for one person but a lot of people also seemed not to care about the situation.

The Resident: Screw Facebook Before It Screws You

There are so many reasons to not use Facebook: governments frequently use it to gather intel on us, hackers and thieves use it for ill means, extreme political factions use it to spread propaganda: but we all still use it. We are addicted. Two MIT candidates have a solution for how to break out addiction: the Pavlov Poke. The Resident (aka Lori Harfenist) discusses.

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