Their Society

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  Their Society

Sometimes our pain can get unbearable… being told that we must deal with all of this. Expecting us to go on in their so called normal society. To them I say… nothing is normal and we will not live our lives in their poverty. For if we were normal, we would not see what is happening everywhere in our world today. Do not follow the blinded patterns expected for you and me.

   The government will send those to judge us by the way we look and the way we act. To them we are but another vessel to fill with all their hate, for the purpose to destroy mankind and nature all around. They do not wish our children to see the beauty that is held within you and me.

   The blinded talk of our governments and how proud we should be. How? When all the government wants.. is to divide and kill our families. To send them to the wars to be ” All that they can be “… while our tears will fall and they will laugh, that is what they wish for you and me.

   So stand up and be proud of what you have become and what we all will be. For all of us together, we will overcome the sadness, the hunger, and all of the pain that we do see. We will once again enjoy the world around us, in a not so normal society!

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