Through the Eyes of TAO

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   I sit and wonder when people will learn that our governments do not care about us. THEY only care about what the can achieve at the cost of anothers life. Most still choose to sit on the sidelines and allow THEM to take EVERYTHING we hold so dear. The only thing I can think of that would cause someone to continue to buy into the BULLSHIT is fear. That feeling they have deep inside that tells them that as long as they listen to what they are being told everything will be fine. They feel that when the House of Cards finally tumbles down that the “Wonderful Government” will help when there is no food or shelter to be found.


Through the Eyes of TAO

   They maybe right on that part, but it is not the food and shelter that they would be thinking of. Instead to be prisoned by what they thought was the answer, to be fed food they had been told was good for them, and drink the water that was given to quench their thirst. As the Million Mask March continues on today. I had to take a moment to step away from all that is taking place and just think for a moment. Yes, this is a wonderful idea, the one that gets individuals together and protest as one against the government assholes. But in the same, walking around in big circles is not achieving ANYTHING.

   Tomorrow most of these individuals will wake up and continue on with their daily lives, eating the same food they did before, drinking that bottled water they had bought, and still funding the dirty bastards that WE are tired of. To them it will all just be a memory, while the rest of us put up a fight every day to find ways not to fund their chaos and destruction. We use every minute of everyday to think of what we need for our future to survive. We watch our surrounding closely and share our knowledge with others. Our we given a day… HELL NO.. and we don’t need just one day.

   To us it is EVERYDAY, to us it is not just another day to be set back in our minds as a memory. We are the ones that will continue on fighting for all of mankind and struggling to feed ourselves and our families. We are the survivors, the warriors, the protectors. We ask for no recognition in what we do , nor do we ask for someone to follow us down the path we choose to journey upon. We hope in our hearts that people will find their way, but knowing each has their own time, as well as, some will not make before it ALL comes crashing down. If tomorrow comes and it is THAT day, know that I did what I could to share with the entire world what I see taking place.

   Know that I will fight for my life to those who try to cause me or my family harm. Know that even though when times are hard, like a warrior I will carry on. Everything I have written has been saved back, protected from those who wish my voice to be silenced. One day my words will be seen again and another individual will feel as I do today. I know not everyone feels the way I do, I know not all see the things I do, but know I never give in to what is out to cause me harm, I always have overcome. The day that I have failed doing so will be the day of great pride, knowing that I stood determined and knowing that I achieved what I had been chosen to do.

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