The Events Unfold

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The Events Unfold

      While the MSM and the government liars are pushing their propaganda campaign for war, bigger concerns are not mentioned. All to make the masses think that everything else is fine. The planet we call home is not fine, she is very angry. She is trying to cleanse what has been taking place, yet for every step she takes to try and proceed in rebirth, THEY are taking another step to stop this process.  If we don’t stop the agenda, the planet will restart herself without us and here is why.

   We have Fuk-U-Shima, which has already polluted the Pacific Ocean. In which Japan can no longer hide what has taken place. The families and loved ones getting sicker by the minute. Many already have lost their lives to the high levels of radiation. In the beginning they were told that everything was fine and not to worry. The radiation in the water has now become uncontrollable. It has begun to spread into other bodies of water. Many lakes and creeks are showing signs of this pollution. There are signs all the way from Alaska to Mexico. Canada has reported animals showing signs of radiation poisoning and some of the people there still believe it is not a problem. Yet people are told it is just a rare event. I can only imagine what the countries closest to Japan are seeing or are the signs already being revealed and lies being told to raise no concerns. This radiation will eventually take over all of our precious water and life sources.

   There are volcanoes showing activity all around the world. Most of which have been dormant for many years. Some of them have already had small eruptions. In some places, families have had to evacuate the structures they have called home for many years. Families who can not afford to start over. The world is only told about that ones that the governments know they can not keep a secret. The ones that will affect the most populated areas. No mention to the world of how many are actually showing signs of an eruption, nor are we being told of the ones that are on high alert and being carefully monitored. For we are not to be concerned until they finally blow. There has been documented seismic activity around most of these. The are many maps that show the activity around the Calderas. This could in fact be a very NASTY chain of eruptions if triggered.

   The fault lines growing more active each and every day. Places that had not seen activity in ones life are now starting to move. Take California for example, this state is well known for quakes and landslides, but until recently, how often had you heard about them in Nevada or Arizona. Or better yet, and this is one that concerns me, as well as many, the New Madrid Fault Line. More and more earthquakes are being produced in this area each month. The last major series of quakes on this fault line were December 16, 1811 which caused a  Magnitude 7.7, January 23, 1812 was a Magnitude 7.5, and February 7, 1812 reflected a Magnitude 7.7. The New Madrid fault line activity has only been documented from a certain time frame on. Though the geologic record of pre-1811 earthquakes reveals that the New Madrid seismic zone has repeatedly produced sequences of major earthquakes, including several of magnitude 7 to 8, over the past 4,500 years. Thanks to the help of the governmental fracking BS, this fault line has been awakened once again. This in itself could cause many disasters to occur. If another BIG earthquake should take place here, not only will the surrounding states be affected, but will cause the next Nuclear Power Plant disaster.

   When you take all of this information and put it together, it can in fact be almost frightening. In the same, if you think of what would take place in the final results of 2 of these events, what would be the outcome. Well, here is what I came up with. Here is the 1st. While people are being treated for mass radiation caused by their LOVELY power plants, the medical staff would be forced to seek help from the governmental offices, this would be too much for them to handle on their own. This would include… FEMA & the EPA, just to name a couple. To break it down even further, if you thought FEMA was just in the United States, in some ways this is correct but incorrect, every country has a form of this department, no it is not named the same. But they do have their own NASTY little people to look as though they were there to help, yet by doing so, detain the masses to some ILLNESS. Now for the 2nd. Once the fault lines are triggered just right, the vicious fracking which releases gases, will cause harm to all of nature.  This will cause mass destruction, worse than a bomb being set. This will cause areas to be flooded, lives automatically lost. No search and rescue team could even come close to the site, at least not without completely risking their lives as well. Pollution and disease would spread across the land worse than any wild fire. Within just a few days, again, the governmental agencies would step in stating “We are here to help”. While most will be detained for quarantine, only to be sent to a facility in which you will be worked if able or sent to your death. The boots will come in and do their own form of control. To supposedly help with the chaos that will be very much out of control. They will begin to search the grounds and those whom have a gun will be told to drop it or they will be fired upon. To them you would only be another body to add to the mass graves they have already set forth. There will be no remorse from them about mother or child, nor the family as a whole. To them you will be a carrier, either with a weapon or by some form of disease to be controlled.

   So as they have everyone focused on the WAR they push in Syria. Think of all these things that are not mentioned. Think of how many times you hear of the radiated pollution taking place from Fuk-U-shima, the volcanoes and how frequently they are becoming active, how often the earthquakes are taking place and where they are at. These are the things that have been set forth by the governments to cause us TRUE harm, while they feed up with their BS propaganda and put fear in the masses minds. These are the things that most are overlooking. The things that WILL cause the chaos for them to force control upon us. Look at the U.S. and how much they have stock piled. Those of you who live in the states, think of what I have said and how this could affect other countries. For we are the guinea pigs and all other countries will follow.

   I do not say this to push fear upon anyone. I wanted to share the information that I have collected and what I have put together as a highly possible situation unfolding. What made me share this with you was something posted in the news recently. Mrs. Bitch herself, Janet Napolitano recently stated “You will also have to prepare for the increasing likelihood of more weather-related events of a more severe nature as a result of climate change, and continue to build the capacity to respond to potential disasters in far-flung regions of the country occurring at the same time”.

   If after reading everything I have said and reading Mrs. Bitches statement, I ask you to look into some of these events and please comment on what your thoughts may be how things might unfold.  Below I have listed links for more information on this research:

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New Madrid Fault Line:

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