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American Dissonance – 2021-05-21 – On the Rocks (previously unpublished)″>Cliven
American Dissonance – On the Rocks 2021-05-21
Enemies of the State—Unexpected Allies.
A War of Conscience: There Was a Woman. A (woefully incomplete) fact-finding mission for a just war.
“We are trading one form of slavery for another.” ― Cliven Bundy.
Surviving 1st Contact:
“All Bleeding Eventually Stops.” — Doc Mike Harris, the Redneck Dentist.
Is there a safe place anywhere? Everyone cares for someone or something. Who will help us but that we not help ourselves? There is always hope. — VinE
American Zion: Cliven Bundy, God & Public Lands in the West by Betsy Gaines Quammen & Standing Rock, the Bundy Movement & the American Story of Sacred Lands by Jacqueline Keeler are highlighted for the last episode in this Season of What Matters: A Ponder Gander’s Radio Writing Series, American Dissonance by Vincent Easley II.
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