Brainwashing In Our Schools

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Brainwashing   In   Our   Schools
   Through the years we have all been brainwashed to think we must listen  to the ENFORCERS. This was taught to us in the early stages of our lives. After we turned a certain age, we were sent off to “schools” that forced us to think we must obey their EVERY rule. We were FORCED to learn from THEIR books and if we do not achieve THEIR standards then we would not have a summer vacation, a break from THEM. We were told we had to be there at a certain time, told when to eat, and when we were ALLOWED to go home.

   For generations we were taught this is what we were SUPPOSED to do. Told we had to wake up Monday – Friday and be dressed a certain way, by a certain time. Just to head to a building to be CONTROLLED and sit down in our DESIGNATED spots, in a building that we were not to leave. We were NOT to speak or have ANY free will. Now days and for many years, if you do not show to “school” you are then considered Truant. Truancy is any intentional unauthorized or illegal absence from “compulsory education”.

  Mind Control A Truancy Officer has been given the authority, by the state and government, to arrest habitually truant youths and bring them to their parents or back to the school. If taken back to the school, the school then CAN choose how the child is SENTENCED for said offense. If you think about this for a moment, DOESN’T THIS SOUND LIKE A PRISON? While in school, students are to study what THEY have stated is to be taught, NO outside influence to get in the way of pushing this information into the brain. While at the “school” locations, children are monitored to see how they ACT to and OBTAIN this information.

The Forest

   Recently, the way children act in school, will be held in their RECORDS. To be used against them for the rest of their lives, their grades, any trouble they got into, EVERYTHING. This can be found under what THEY call “Common Core”. These days the schools are pushing our children to use computers, laptops, and tablets. The general public is informed this will be “easier” on OUR kids. Stating no more books and backpacks full of homework. Intersting how this is worded, “no more books”.

   With this comes, no longer pushing to pick up a book and use their imagination, nor learning the skills of picking up a pen or pencil to write. Only how to push buttons, as though they are LAB RATS. THEY no longer CARE if our children are getting the answers right, THEY are only concerned about pushing them through school and getting the next “group” of children to CONTROL.

Schools are prisons

   CCThis is all in the process of brainwashing and dumbing down of OUR kids. With Common Core, schools are wanting to implement using certain sensors. These would be in the form of cameras, strips put onto the mouse while they scrolled through pages of work, sensors in the seats they would be sitting in, and even straps to be put on the wrists. Some schools have already starting using badges to be swiped before the child can get on the bus, when they get to school, and when they get of the bus to walk home.

Common Core: Dangers And Threats To American Liberty And Education

   Again, this is pushed to the general public as “to protect OUR children and make it EASIER to know where they are through out the school day”. All to CONTROL what OUR children do. The governments are working on informing our kids that they DO NOT have to listen to us as PARENTS, but to them the ENFORCERS. By doing so, THEY are turning our children into THEIR minions. THEY are turning them into PRISONERS at young ages, just like they were in a Concentration Camp.

   OUR children are being taught  about sex at earlier ages. While in the process our governments are doing everything they can to make sure OUR children  sterile and not be able to reproduce. This in set forth to depopulate society, AGENDA 21. We have already notice that if a parent wants to get their children into school, they are to get vaccinated. Once in school, kids are being forced to eat the food THEY provide, no longer being able to bring a homemade lunch that would be MUCH healthier for them.

   School FoodAny fluids the child takes in while being in “school”, is provided by the “SCHOOL DISTRICT’S” distributor. By doing so OUR children are forced to take in chemicals day in and day out. Schools are being funded by the GOVERNMENTS, to push all of this on our kids. In some states, if an event or disaster take place while your child is at “school”,  in the handbook, that parents will not be able to pick up their children until the Police or Sheriff’s Department has declared it to be safe.

   Meaning, if they feel that YOUR child needs to be detained, they will do so without YOUR permission. They will take your child to what THEY are calling a safe location. Most of these locations, in the United States,  are funded and provided by FEMA and the GOVERNMENT officials. This will continue to get worse for generation to come if we don’t get this information out to each and every parent/grandparent. We are the protectors of OUR children and we must do so by stopping this CORRUPT system that has been put in place.

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4 thoughts on “Brainwashing In Our Schools

  1. Without books there is no written history so it can be changed at will.
    Try finding and reading a history book from the 50s/60s and compare to todays books.
    You will notice a vast change in perspective I believe.

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