Bow Down To The Robot Master

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Robot Army
                                            Bow Down To The Robot Master

   I ask all of my readers to think outside of the box during the time of reading this article. By doing so the mind is able to understand things in a different light. I have written in the past on how technology is altering our lives. Whether it be in the form of handheld devices or robots to “better assist” us in the work place.

   Growing up most of us watched Sci-Fi moves and cartoons, of robots walking among us and helping us with certain tasks. We have sat back and been brainwashed to accept this way of life. Through the years this technology has enhanced it’s capabilities. What was once seen as the future by Leonardo Di Vinci, has now become our reality. No longer is the robotic age just on the silver screen. It is in everything surrounding our lives. This is being used everywhere from the restaurant business to the operating room.

Robotics History Timeline
   With the help of MIT, DARPA, Boston Dynamics, as well as many others; this way of life is weeding out the use for human life. No more need for the family physician to do house calls, for there is apps right at your finger tips. If you have an internal organ needing to be repaired, why not just have one replaced with a new and improved shiny gadget  that can be controlled by a push of a button. Or better yet, a lost appendage can now be replaced with a prosthetic one.

   Yes, each one of these can improve the life of the one who gets them, but also at a loss of what human life is here for. By going forth into the age of robotics, we are altering ourselves. Losing what we once cherished. We are losing the ability of the tender warm touch of another, the ability to think for ourselves if becoming less and less. Our civilization is becoming more of a “do what you are told society”. Our minds being subjected to tested left and right. All to gain knowledge, meanwhile we are being told that this little “implant”  will help us with depression or sickness. We are becoming a lazier society by allowing a gadget to cook and clean for us.

   This same technology is also keeping watch of our children’s every move. It also monitors their work while in school. If they do not like the way a child is acting or refusing to be taught the ways of the system, it is documented in a file that will be used against them for “future crimes”.  What children are encountering in school now, will only “prepare” them for what they will see in their adult life. By pushing this on the young influential mind, they are subconsciously forcing that child to believe that this will help them to become a better “student” or “citizen”.   Soon our children will have their own “robotic friend”. One that will obtain knowledge of their lifestyles.

   Something that can turn at the blink of an eye to be the enforcer in a time when mankind will no longer be a threat against itself, instead the man-made humanoid standing in the corner. When our future plays out like a scene from I,Robot or Bicentennial Man, the world as we know it will be lost forever. Mankind will no longer be able to stop what has taken place. With all that is being taken away from us in these precious moments we have now, a culture is being lost and a new one is being introduced. A cryogenic virtual reality is all we will have left of the world as we know it. 

   One must ask themselves.. Do I want to live a Terminator world where life itself means nothing? For when all life is killed off, machines will be what walks the planet. Able to rebuild themselves and become the society of Robotic Masters……

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