Behind The Woodshed Blogcaster – November 17, 2013.

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At the Situationally Aware Action Oriented Intelligence Center
Of Evolutionary Engagement

Open you a can
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Occupational Remedies – Challenge Authority, Always.

Addressing the Official Trespassers 

Natural Law

UnNatural Threat

  • Cryptolocker Prevention  “With all this mess about Cryptolocker going around, a lot of folks are looking to immunize themselves from this nasty bit of malware which will encrypt user files and hold them for ransom”
  • Cryptolocker Prevention Kit (updated)   “The SMBKitchen Crew and Third Tier staff have put together a group materials that were published as part of our SMBKitchen Project and only available to subscribers. However because this virus is spreading so rapidly and is so serious we’ve decided to make these materials available to everyone.”
  • CryptoPrevent review

Mayhem is not an offer in Allocution

  • Jeremy Hammond: FBI Directed My Attacks on Foreign Government Sites     “I don’t know how other information I provided to [Sabu] may have been used, but I think the government’s collection and use of this data needs to be investigated,” he told the court
    He added: “The government celebrates my conviction and imprisonment, hoping that it will close the door on the full story. I took responsibility for my actions, by pleading guilty, but when will the government be made to answer for its crimes?”
  • “Preska dismissed the defendant’s explanation of his motivation as one of concern for social justice, saying that he had in fact intended to create “maximum mayhem”. “There is nothing high-minded and public-spirited about causing mayhem,” the judge said.”

Obstacles to Peace

Government Licenses Fraud

Fraud of CORE Education Exposed by Student

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