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Ending Divide and Conquer

Beyond Crickets

  • Pirate Bay cofounder invents an infernal device that will utterly bankrupt the music industry

    The record industry insists that all unauthorized copies represent lost sales. So Peter “brokep” Sunde, co-founder of The Pirate Bay, has built a machine that makes 100 copies per second of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy,” storing them in /dev/null (which is to say, deleting them even as they’re created).

    The machine, called a “Kopimashin,” is globbed together out of a Raspberry Pi, some hacky python that he doesn’t want to show anyone, and an LCD screen that calculates a running tally of the damages he’s inflicted upon the record industry through its use. The 8,000,000 copies it makes every day costs the record industry $10m/day in losses. At that rate, they’ll be bankrupt in a few weeks at most.

  • Now the TSA can force you to go through the body-scanner
    Your next flight might include a mandatory trip through the body scanner, with the US government quietly changing the opt-out rules for searches. In a document published earlier this month, the Department of Homeland Security outlined an update to the Advanced Imagery Technology protocols used by the TSA at US airports, adding a clause which allows officers to insist travelers go through the controversial machines.
  • Corbett Sues TSA Over New Policy to Refuse Opt-Outs

    Last Friday, the TSA snuck out a document updating the “privacy policy” for the nude body scanners.  On Tuesday, reports started coming in on the change, including right here.  Professional Troublemakers don’t delay, and today, 6 days after the low-key disclosure, I’m happy to announce that I’ve sued the TSA, asking for a preliminary injunction followed by a permanent ban on refusing opt-outs.  But, being Christmas Eve and all, I was sure to make service of the lawsuit festive for the TSA…


    Expertly wrapped in holiday cheer, the TSA shall receive on Friday a petition that asks the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit to consider: 1) whether the body scanner program is constitutional when the option to opt-out is removed, and 2) whether the TSA must engage in “notice & comment rulemaking” before making such a change.  You all may remember that in 2013, the TSA “invited” (after being forced to by the Court of Appeals as a result of EPIC’s lawsuit) the public to submit comments regarding the nude body scanner program.  Over 5,500 of us replied, and well over 95% of the comments were in opposition.


Bombshell Admission

  • Washington State Bar suspends some ethics opinions because of antitrust concerns

    The Washington State Bar Association has directed its ethics committee to stop issuing ethics opinions that could be interpreted as having a restraint on trade in the legal services market.

    Debra Carnes, the bar’s chief communications officer, says the move is temporary, according to the ABA BNA Lawyers’ Manual on Professional Conduct. The bar suspended the opinions so it could “proceed very deliberately” in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in a case involving teeth whitening, Carnes told the publication.

    The February decision allowed an antitrust action against a state dentistry board for its clampdown on nondentists who whiten teeth. The court said that when a state board is controlled by active market participants in the market it regulates, state-action antitrust immunity can’t be invoked unless the challenged restraint of trade is affirmatively expressed by state policy, and the policy is actively supervised by the state.

    The decision is North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners v. Federal Trade Commission.

Devastating BAR ASS., Results

  • US Mass Incarceration: A Society Behind Bars

    US Mass Incarceration received a lot of press in 2014. Lawmakers debated over the financial impact of leading the World in incarcerated citizens per capita had on the Federal budget.

    It is a shame that it took a review of the budget to stir conversation about the United State’s great crime against its own citizens: Mass Incarceration. A tidal wave of putting Americans behind bars that began in the 1980’s when our lawmakers decided to get tough on drug criminals, eventually leading to minimum mandatory prison sentences for drug and drug related crimes.

    Our criminal defense team created the graphic below to tell the story of the Mass Incarceration epidemic.

Evidence Beyond Doubt

  • Texas Judge Refuses to be a Part of Traffic Ticket Scheme, Blows the Whistle on Policing for Profit

    Retired municipal court judge David Viscarde has recently come forward to expose the use of quotas on speeding tickets. In an exclusive interview this week, Viscarde told WFAA that the police department and the local courts were involved in a revenue collection scheme where officers had quotas for speeding tickets, and judges were pressured to rush the cases through the courts.

    Viscarde was a volunteer municipal court judge for over 15 years.

    When I first became a judge, we had one reserve officer. That’s all he did on Friday and Saturday every other weekend. He’d write 100 citations,” Viscarde said.

    “Their municipal court is their cash cow,” he added.

    Viscarde explained how the pressure put on judges in the area caused him and many others to quit.

    The pressure to collect revenues in Calvert — and probably other small towns in Texas — is excessive. And what happens is, you got judges like me who say they’ve got better things to do with my time. ‘Thank you very much, and God bless you, I’ll move on,’” Viscarde said.

Challenge Authoritah

  • No, America, You Don’t Need to Comply with the REAL ID Act
    Like countless similar news stories recently, a report on Business Insider claims: “Residents from 5 US states could soon need a passport for a domestic flight.” The idea is that the Transportation Security Administration will begin to enforce the REAL ID Act in 2016 by denying airport access to travelers from non-compliant states.It’s not true.Nobody needs to get a passport to fly domestically. No state needs to implement the REAL ID Act’s national ID mandates.
  • Feds won’t accept Missouri driver’s licenses

    Missouri residents soon will not be able to use their state driver’s licenses as identification to get into most federal facilities, making it one of at least five states to lose a federal exemption from complying with national proof-of-identity requirements.

    A letter from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to Missouri, obtained on Wednesday by The Associated Press, informs the state that its exemption from federal Real ID requirements will come to an end Jan. 10.

    That means Missouri driver’s licenses cannot be accepted as ID at military bases and most other federal facilities. It also could eventually mean that Missouri driver’s licenses won’t be accepted as identification for commercial airplane flights.

    Illinois is in the same boat, according to Illinois Secretary of State’s office spokesman David Druker, who said state officials learned late Tuesday that Homeland Security had denied an extension for compliance with federal requirements.

    The 2005 Real ID act imposes tougher requirements for proof of legal U.S. residency in order for state driver’s licenses to be valid for federal purposes. The law was passed in response to national security concerns after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

  • Virginia to no longer recognize concealed handgun permits from 25 states
    Attorney General Mark Herring and the Virginia State Police completed an audit Tuesday and update of the 30 states whose concealed handgun permits have been considered valid within the Commonwealth.This audit and update was conducted pursuant to Virginia State Code § 18.2-308.014, which requires, in part, that “The Superintendent of State Police shall, in consultation with the Office of the Attorney General determine whether states meet the requirements and qualifications” for recognition of their concealed handgun permits.
  • A Whistleblower Just Exposed How the Government Spies on Your Cell Phone
    The release of a secret U.S. government catalog of cell phone surveillance devices has revealed the names and abilities of dozens of surveillance tools previously unknown to the public. The catalog shines a light on well-known devices like the Stingray and DRT box, as well as new names like Cellbrite, Yellowstone, Blackfin, Maximus, Stargrazer, and Cyberhawk.


Spiritual and Physical War

  • ‘Thanks for destroying our country’: Angry Libyans lash out at Obama’s independence congratulations
    Barack Obama welcomed the endorsement of the Libyan Political Agreement signed on December 17 and expressed confidence that with political dialogue and the establishment of a Government of National Accord, peace, prosperity, and security would come in the divided country.A week ago, during his end-of-year press conference, President Obama admitted the US has “some accountability” for not being swift enough and underestimating the need to rebuild government in Libya once Muammar Gaddafi was toppled.“As a consequence, you now have a very bad situation,” Obama said.
  • Christmas 2015—–Why There Is No Peace On Earth
    . . . . “So 101 years after the Christmas truces along the Western Front there is still no peace on earth. And the long suffering American taxpayers, who foot the massive bills generated by the War Party’s demented and destructive policies, have no clue that Imperial Washington is the principal reason.”

Digital Nuclear Winter Approaches

  • The HTTP 451 Error Code for Censorship Is Now an Internet Standard
    The 451 HTTP status code is now official in the eyes of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the independent organization responsible for many of the internet’s operating standards. Now, when an internet user hits a web page that has been blocked for legal reasons (read: censorship), they may be presented with a 451 error instead of the more generic 403 “forbidden” error. This is a win for transparency.
  • China’s ‘Social Credit’ System Assigns Credit Scores to Citizens Based on Govt Loyalty

    No regime, however ruthless its leaders, vast its ambitions, or extensive its resources, can tyrannize its subjects without their active cooperation. Every police state ultimately requires the public to regiment themselves–and each other. In the age of social media, successful totalitarians will have to crowd-source state coercion — and China’s new “social credit” system, which will encompass that country’s entire population in 2020, is pioneering an approach that, if successful, will inevitably spawn imitators in the West.

    “The Chinese government is building an omnipotent `social credit’ system that is meant to rate each citizen’s trustworthiness,” reports the BBC. Note well that this system doesn’t merely offer an assessment of creditworthiness — which is a measure of the relative risks to financial institutions that would lend money to that individual. Instead, an opaque clique of supervisors employs an abstruse algorithm to rate the individual’s social “worthiness,” as defined by his support for the government, its policies, and its objectives.

    “A social credit system is an important component … of the Socialist market economy system and the social governance system,” explained a June 14, 2014 “Planning Outline for the Construction of a Social Credit System” issued by China’s State Council. “Accelerating the construction of a social credit system is an important basis for comprehensively implementing the scientific development view and building a harmonious Socialist society [and] an important method to perfect the Socialist market economy system.”

    The chief objective of this system is to “strengthen sincerity in government affairs, commercial sincerity, social sincerity and judicial credibility construction,” continues the Planning Outline. “Sincerity” in this context means much the same thing as “worthiness” — that is, deference to the country’s ruling elite, and at least a public display of enthusiasm for its schemes. Building “sincerity” is an important consideration during what the Chinese government calls “the assault phase of deepening economic structural reform and perfecting the Socialist market economy system.”

  • Most Americans have less than $1,000 in savings

    Americans are living right on the edge — at least when it comes to financial planning.

    Approximately 62% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings accounts and 21% don’t even have a savings account, according to a new survey of more than 5,000 adults conducted this month by Google Consumer Survey for personal finance website “It’s worrisome that such a large percentage of Americans have so little set aside in a savings account,” says Cameron Huddleston, a personal finance analyst for the site. “They likely don’t have cash reserves to cover an emergency and will have to rely on credit, friends and family, or even their retirement accounts to cover unexpected expenses.”

    This is supported by a similar survey of 1,000 adults carried out earlier this year by personal finance site, which also found that 62% of Americans have no emergency savings for things such as a $1,000 emergency room visit or a $500 car repair. Faced with an emergency, they say they would raise the money by reducing spending elsewhere (26%), borrowing from family and/or friends (16%) or using credit cards (12%). And among those who had savings prior to 2008, 57% said they’d used some or all of their savings in the Great Recession, according to a U.S. Federal Reserve survey of over 4,000 adults released last year. Of course, paltry savings-account rates don’t encourage people to save either.

  • The ‘Web Training Collar’ Shocks You When You Visit an Insecure Site

    As the push towards a more encrypted internet advances, many users, perhaps not fully appreciating the value of encryption, continue to frequent sites that use the less secure HTTP protocol. While most of the pressure to change the web standard to HTTPS has focused on publishers, a project by Dutch technologist Jasper van Loenen seeks to change user habits through corporal punishment.

    The Web Training Collar is a modified dog collar that applies an electrostatic shock to the user whenever they click on a site that doesn’t offer the HTTPS protocol. This is done via a browser plugin connected to a local server, which interfaces with the collar through an RF transmitter and an Arduino Nano microprocessor. With each subsequent visit the user makes to the site, the intensity of the shock increases incrementally, in what van Loenen hopes creates a Pavlovian effect causing the user to avoid the site.

Cyber Social Credits or DIE

  • Court: Obama Can Continue Assassination Program in Secret, Even Against Americans

    While much of the media has focused on the recent violence in Paris, Georgia, and San Bernardino, as well as the escalating conflicts in Iraq and Syria, another profound and troubling domestic issue seems to have been overlooked.

    Indeed, the issue at hand was first reported on November 24th — and covered for roughly a day — before it was quickly forgotten in the daily barrage of news stories. But we should not be so quick to dismiss the possibility of a future president (maybe one with fascist leanings?) choosing to exercise “targeted killings” against the American public. This practice, of course, is embodied by the Obama administration’s program of assassinating individuals suspected of terrorism, also known as the “disposition matrix.”

    The Washington Post first reported on the disposition matrix in 2012:

    Over the past two years, the Obama administration has been secretly developing a new blueprint for pursuing terrorists, a next-generation targeting list called the ‘disposition matrix.’

    The matrix contains the names of terrorism suspects arrayed against an accounting of the resources being marshaled to track them down, including sealed indictments and clandestine operations. U.S. officials said the database is designed to go beyond existing kill lists, mapping plans for the ‘disposition’ of suspects beyond the reach of American drones.

    Although the matrix is a work in progress, the effort to create it reflects a reality setting in among the nation’s counterterrorism ranks: The United States’ conventional wars are winding down, but the government expects to continue adding names to kill or capture lists for years.

    For the last four years, New York Times journalist Charlie Savage has waged a legal battle against the Obama administration, seeking to reveal the government’s legal justifications for assassinating terror suspects without a trial.

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      What Mr. Rothschild [2] had discovered was the basic principle of power, influence, and control over people as applied to economics. That principle is “when you assume the appearance of power, people soon give it to you.”

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