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Coming To Terms With Reality

  • Aircraft contrails could be ‘unintentionally’ changing the atmosphere and exposing us to more solar radiation, researchers warn

    On a clear day you can usually spot a white trail from an airplane in the sky.

    They might be fun to look at, but they could also be the reason more solar radiation is reaching our surface, scientists have warned.

    Researchers have found new data that suggests the layer of crystals left from the contrails is causing a more diffused type of light.

    A contrail may disappear, but it leaves behind a thin, icy haze.

    Although the sky looks clear, the particles are still there until they eventually fall out of the atmosphere.

    While still in the sky, the particles scatter the sun’s light in a similar way as in other geoengineering projects.

  • Hasty, Fearful Passage of Cybersecurity Bill Recalls Patriot Act

    Congress easily passed a thinly disguised surveillance provision—the final version of the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, or CISA— on Friday, shoehorned into a must-pass budget bill to prevent a government shutdown before the holidays.

    Born of a climate of fear combined with a sense of urgency, the bill claims to do one thing—help companies share information with the government to heed off cyber attacks—and does entirely another—increases the U.S. government’s spying powers while letting companies with poor cyber hygiene off the hook. It’s likely to spawn unintended consequences.

    Some critics felt its passage was in some ways eerily similar to when the USA Patriot Act, one of the most expansive surveillance bills in recent U.S. history, was made into law shortly after September 11, 2001.

  • Judge finds Texas’ foster care unconstitutionally ‘broken’

    A federal judge ruled Thursday that the Texas foster care system for nearly 30,000 children is unconstitutionally broken, saying that kids rescued by one of the largest child protection agencies in the U.S. often leave state custody in worse shape than before.

    The decision is another blow to the troubled Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, which has cycled through seven leaders in the past decade and could now be on the verge of another lengthy, costly and politically volatile round of modifications.

    U.S. District Judge Janis Jack ordered sweeping changes that include reducing “impossible” workloads for caseworkers and an immediate halt to placing kids in group homes that lack round-the-clock supervision. She said an outside expert will be appointed to lead the overhaul and report back to her.

    “Years of abuse, neglect, and shuttling between inappropriate placements across the state has created a population that cannot contribute to society, and proves a continued strain on the government through welfare, incarceration, or otherwise,” Jack wrote in a 260-page opinion. “Although some foster children are able to overcome these obstacles, they should not have to.”


International Reflections

  • Soros Plays Both Ends in Syria Refugee Chaos

    Since John D. Rockefeller was advised to protect his wealth from government taxation by creating a tax-exempt philanthropic foundation in 1913, foundations have been used by American oligarchs to disguise a world of dirty deeds under the cover “doing good for mankind,” known by the moniker “philanthropy” for mankind-loving. No less the case is that of George Soros who likely has more tax-exempt foundations under his belt than anyone around. His Open Society foundations are in every country where Washington wants to put ‘their man’ in, or at least get someone out who doesn’t know how to read their music. They played a key role in regime change in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe after 1989. Now his foundations are up to their eyeballs in promoting propaganda serving the US-UK war agenda for destroying stability in Syria as they did in Libya three years ago, creating the current EU refugee crisis.

    We should take a closer look at the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis wreaking such havoc and unrest across the EU, especially in Germany, the favored goal of most asylum seekers today. George Soros, today a naturalized American citizen, has just authored a six-point proposal telling the European Union on what they must do to manage the situation. It’s worth looking at in detail.

Syrian Show War-Stopper

  • Syria Stunner: German Intelligence “Cooperating” With Assad, Berlin May Reopen Embassy In Damascus
    John Kerry went to Moscow on Tuesday and was absolutely elated when he stumbled on a Dunkin Donuts.  But America’s top diplomat didn’t travel halfway around the world just to get coffee (we don’t think). He also met with Sergei Lavrov and Vladimir Putin to discuss (what else?) Syria. You can get a decent idea of which side prevailed by taking a quick look at the following priceless image captured during a discussion between three of the world’s most powerful government officials. In short, Kerry ended up conceding once and for all that the fate of Bashar al-Assad has effectively been backburnered for the time being. That’s a painful concession for Washington to make.
  • UNSC adopts resolution to end Syria war
    The United Nations Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution which endorses an international bid to end the crisis in the war-ravaged Syria.
    The resolution calls for formal peace talks and a nationwide ceasefire to be launched in early January. It also says that only the Syrian people will decide the future of their country. The plan urges the UN to convene formal talks on Syria transition between government and all opposition groups. It also emphasizes that terrorist groups like Daesh will have no place in the talks. US Secretary of State John Kerry said sharp difference still remains on the fate of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. The resolution has been described as a rare gesture of unity on the Syria peace process by a council often deeply divided over the issue. Syria’s crisis has claimed the lives of over a quarter million people since 2011.
  • Assad: With terrorist support cut, Syrian war would be over in year
    The four-year armed conflict in Syria could be wrapped up in less than a year, if foreign aid to terrorist groups were cut in earnest, Syrian President Bashar Assad told the Dutch media ahead of peace talks in New York.

    In an interview with the NPO2 channel, Assad said the Western anti-terrorist effort in Iraq and Syria was based on geopolitical interests rather than values and did not reflect a realistic approach toward defeating terrorism.

    “You cannot fight terrorism without troops on the ground, and without a real incubator, a social incubator that supports you in your war against those terrorists,” he said.

Islam Is Not The Reason For Suicide Bombing

  • Here’s What a Man Who Studied Every Suicide Attack in the World Says About ISIS’ Motive

    Despite the existence of a good deal of research about terrorism, there’s a gap between the common understanding of what leads terrorists to kill and what many experts believe to be true.

    Terrorist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda are widely seen as being motivated by their radical theology. But according to Robert Pape, a political scientist at the University of Chicago and founder of the Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism, this view is too simplistic. Pape knows his subject; he and his colleagues have studied every suicide attack in the world since 1980, evaluating over 4,600 in all.

    He says that religious fervor is not a motive unto itself. Rather, it serves as a tool for recruitment and a potent means of getting people to overcome their fear of death and natural aversion to killing innocents. “Very often, suicide attackers realize they have instincts for self-preservation that they have to overcome,” and religious beliefs are often part of that process, said Pape in an appearance on my radio show, Politics and Reality Radio, last week. But, Pape adds, there have been “many hundreds of secular suicide attackers,” which suggests that radical theology alone doesn’t explain terrorist attacks. From 1980 until about 2003, the “world leader” in suicide attacks was the Tamil Tigers, a secular Marxist group of Hindu nationalists in Sri Lanka.

    According to Pape’s research, underlying the outward expressions of religious fervor, ISIS’s goals, like those of most terrorist groups, are distinctly earthly:

    What 95 percent of all suicide attacks have in common, since 1980, is not religion, but a specific strategic motivation to respond to a military intervention, often specifically a military occupation, of territory that the terrorists view as their homeland or prize greatly. From Lebanon and the West Bank in the 80s and 90s, to Iraq and Afghanistan, and up through the Paris suicide attacks we’ve just experienced in the last days, military intervention—and specifically when the military intervention is occupying territory—that’s what prompts suicide terrorism more than anything else.


War OF Terror Accountability

  • Court Rules Bush Administration Can Be Sued for Its “War on Terror” Conduct

    For almost a decade and a half, the people behind the Bush administration’s shameful treatment of terrorism suspects have avoided punishment for their crimes, but that may be about to change.

    The courts have had their say and have ruled that former Bush administration officials can, in fact, be sued for how they conducted the “war on terror.”

    The Second Circuit Court of Appeals made that pretty much official on Friday when it refused to hear a challenge to its earlier ruling in the case of Turkmen v. Ashcroft. That case, sparked by a civil rights lawsuit filed by the Center for Constitutional Rights, involves hundreds of Arab, Muslim or South Asian men who were detained and then abused by our government in the weeks following 9/11.

    See more news and opinion from Thom Hartmann at Truthout here.

    Some of them were beaten by security guards and kept in solitary confinement, which the United Nations considers a form of torture. After they were released, these men sued the people they say authorized their detentions – people like former Attorney General John Ashcroft and former FBI director Robert Mueller.

    A district court initially blocked their claims, but in June, the Second Circuit Court allowed them, saying that Ashcroft, Mueller and company could be sued. The government then made one more last ditch push to protect the Bush administration, but that effort failed last Friday when the Second Circuit rejected it.

  • Government Finally Admits the War on Drugs is a Failure
    The war on drugs officially kicked off in 1971 when president Richard Nixon addressed the nation in a press conference explaining how the recent passage of the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970 would provide the legal framework and material support for a new kind of war, the war on drugs.

    We must wage what I have called total war against public enemy number one in the United States, the problem of dangerous drugs.Richard Nixon, 1972

    His address spoke of the need for a coordinated federal response that addressed both the demand side, and the supply side of the issue, noting that although America had the highest rate of heroin addicts in the world, the drug was not grown or sourced in the United States.  The door was thereby opened for the destructive interventionist policies that have since greatly affected mostly Latin American nations.

    Fast forward forty plus years and for anyone who is not making a profit in the global drug trade, the war on drugs looks like one of the greatest human tragedies of all time. Billions of dollars spent, hundreds of thousands of deaths, millions of people incarcerated, countless lives and families shattered, higher than ever rates of addiction, billions in foreign military aid spent, and the availability of drugs is higher than ever before.

    Now, the nation’s newest ‘Drug Czar,’ and recovering alcoholic, Michael Botticelli, is going public with the message that the war on drugs is a failure and that it cannot continue as is. He says it’s time to change our approach to how we treat addiction, and in an appearance on the CBS program 60 Minutes which aired in December of 2015 entitled A New Direction on Drugs, president Obama’s recently appointed drug boss is making an attempt to change the tone of this colossal disaster.

    During his conversation with CBS’ Scott Pelley, Botticelli first remarked that he didn’t like the title ‘Drug Czar,’ because the title had become antiquated and linked to the failures of the policies of strict prohibition and open war that are closely associated with the US’ decades long war on drugs.

    From the interview:

    Michael Botticelli: It’s actually a title that I don’t like.

    Scott Pelley: Why?

    Michael Botticelli: Because I think it connotes this old “war on drugs” focus to the work that we do. It portrays that we are clinging to kind of failed policies and failed practices in the past.

    Scott Pelley: Are you saying that the way we have waged the war on drugs for more than 40 years has been all wrong?

    Michael Botticelli: It has been all wrong.

    Blunt force didn’t knock out the drug epidemic. 21 million Americans are addicted to drugs or alcohol. And half of all federal inmates are in for drug crimes.

    Michael Botticelli: We can’t arrest and incarcerate addiction out of people. Not only do I think it’s really inhumane, but it’s ineffective and it cost us billions upon billions of dollars to keep doing this.

    Scott Pelley: So what have we learned?

    Michael Botticelli: We’ve learned addiction is a brain disease. This is not a moral failing. This is not about bad people who are choosing to continue to use drugs because they lack willpower. You know, we don’t expect people with cancer just to stop having cancer.

    Scott Pelley: Aren’t they doing it to themselves? Isn’t a heroin addict making that choice?

    Michael Botticelli: Of course not. You know, the hallmark of addiction is that it changes your brain chemistry. It actually affects that part of your brain that’s responsible for judgment.

    Here is a preview of the 60 Minutes interview


  • Judge Drops Jury Tampering Charges Against Denver Jury Nullification Activists
    District Court Judge Kenneth Plotz dismissed all charges on Wednesday against jury nullification activists Eric Brandt and Mark Iannicelli, who had been charged in July with seven felony counts of jury tampering while handing out Fully Informed Jury Association flyers with general information about jury nullification outside of the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse in Denver.Jury nullification is a term that describes scenarios in which a jury refuses to convict a guilty defendant under the rationale that the law itself is unjust or inappropriately applied. While jurors do have the power to nullify convictions, defense attorneys in most U.S. states are not allowed to explain that fact.When Brandt and Iannicelli distributed their flyers from a booth outside of the courthouse, officials accused them of handing the flyers out to “actual and potential jury pool members” and noted that a death penalty case was underway.Lynn Kimbrough, a spokesperson for District Attorney Mitch Morrissey’s office, told The Denver Post, “The District Attorney strongly supports the First Amendment and the right to free speech. He is also obligated to uphold the laws of Colorado, which prohibit a person from communicating with a juror with the intent to influence a juror’s vote. The charges that he filed in these two cases alleged that specific conduct.”However, the two activists were handing the flyers out indiscriminately to everyone in an effort to raise general awareness of the concept of jury nullification, not to specific known jurors of a particular case in an attempt to sway them against a conviction.

    In dismissing the charges, [Judge Plotz] noted that such charges for handing out FIJA brochures amounted to an unconstitutional application of the jury tampering law and swept in speech that is protected under the First Amendment,” wrote Fully Informed Jury Association executive director Kirsten Tynan. FIJA is an activist group that educates the public about jury nullification.

    She added, “Earlier this year, a federal court judge granted an injunction sought by attorney David Lane on behalf of the Fully Informed Jury Association and co-plaintiffs Eric Verlo and Janet Matzen to prevent any further such unconstitutional arrests. The court made clear at that time that such activity is protected under the First Amendment. Nonetheless, Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey chose to continue his vendetta, wasting even more taxpayer dollars and harassing harmless Colorado residents, as he refused to drop the charges against Iannicelli and Brandt.

Avoid Cyber Armageddon

  • ‘More devastating than any nuclear war’: John McAfee on the coming cyber war with ISIS
    Every presidential contender says they want to destroy Islamic State, but John McAfee is the only one predicting a war involving cyberattacks, not conventional weapons. “We have to prepare ourselves” for an enemy that is “far more clever,” McAfee told RT.

    Not many people know John McAfee is running for president, but possibly even fewer understand the scope of the war against Islamic State (IS, formely ISIS/ISIL) the way he does.

    When asked if Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s strategy against IS was reasonable, McAfee answered, “No, absolutely not.” That’s an answer most other rivals would agree with, but to McAfee, it’s not about where and how to use the military. To defeat ISIS, America must face its own “cyber illiteracy” and other faults before engaging in what he purports to be the next World War – a cyber war.


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      What Mr. Rothschild [2] had discovered was the basic principle of power, influence, and control over people as applied to economics. That principle is “when you assume the appearance of power, people soon give it to you.”

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