Grammy’s Rocket Chair Podcast – 2017-03-17

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This is the podcast for Grammy’s Rocket Chair Program that airs every Wednesday and Friday Night at 7:00 Eastern Time with your host Grammy Mary

Grammys Rocket Chair

T’is a Irish-Patty-ARGH-FREEKER Friday….. and I WENT There! OK, not so much with the Irish thing but definitely a Bit on the FREEKER Side. I have a couple of FREEKY Awards to dole out…….

The Winner of the WHAAAAAAmbulance Award is a “Gentleman” on a Hawaiian Airlines flight who was SO upset about having to PAY for a Blankie that they Diverted the Flight!

The Winner of the Nosy-Nelly-NONEYA Award was a Teacher that actually Sent Notes Home to Parents about what they had packed for their Children’s Lunch…… Runner Up was a Principal that Took “Law” to a New & Assinine Level when he Called the Cops on a Parent who Walked Their Child to School!

The COOL Gadget I’ve Just Gotta Have for No Good Reason Award goes to Roaming in Wonderland with Ears for the Too Fun Elfin Earbuds….. Yup….. I’ve GOTTA Get Me Some of Them!

After the Awards was dished out, it was time for me to get a little spiritual, a little metaphysical, a little WEIRD……. which was very enlightening for Me……. especially the little tidbits from those Whacky Guys over on the PIG.

Thanks for Listening In 🙂
Much Love






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