Grammy’s Rocket Chair Podcast Blog – 2017-06-23

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Grammys Rocket Chair

Happy FREEKER Friday Y’all…… with an Emphasis on FRIDAY! Oye, am I ever glad the weekend is HERE! I’m in serious need of “Getting In Touch with Nature” so that I can have time to process all the Information & Experiences of this past week! Thankfully, I have LOTS of Nature to get in touch with…. even though a lot of it is Yard Work 😉

Speaking of Nature….. and Natural….. I’m seeing more & more how those 2 words and their Commonly Understood (assumed) Meanings are being Hijacked & Mutated. More often than not, for purposes of Greed & Control! If you control the way people Relate to Something….. you can then Profit off of them more easily….. whether that be Financially or in terms of Political Power! BUT….. the Only Way that can Work is if Individuals Blindly “Swallow” what is being Feed to Them……

If you Truly wish to Have a Say in what goes on around You….. what you put into Your Body…… what you base Your Opinions On (Brain Food)……. You NEED to Take Back Control for Yourself! “WE” a.k.a. The Human Collective, have allowed ourselves to become complacent….. WE have, in most cases, Unwittingly Ceded Trust, Power & Control to Others that Do NOT have the Best of Intentions for Humanity as a Whole or The Planet at heart. This Must STOP! WE Need to Step Up and Taking BACK Responsibility for Ourselves and this Beautiful Planet before the Damage to Us and every other Living Creature here is Irreparable!

Start by Educating Yourself! Don’t take Anyone’s Word for something unless you have Other Evidence to back it up…… and even then…… Question Everything! Once you think you’ve got something figured out….. remain Open to New Ideas or Opinions….. and don’t immediately dismiss something just because you don’t Like or Agree with the Source of that information. Sometimes the Most Convincing Lies are based on ONE Kernel of Truth!

I hope y’all have an Amazing Weekend and be sure to check out the other wonderful Shows here on the RLM!

Much Love ~ Grammy

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