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Grammys Rocket Chair

Grammy’s Rocket Chair – The FREEKER Friday Edition!

Have you noticed how, when you Think you “Know” something, Someone “Shows” You Something or You run across Something that will BLOW what You KNOW Outta the Water! That’s called “Getting an Education from Life……. and Sometimes The School of Hard Knocks”! What’s truly sad is that So Many BeLIEve that the Only “Education” that one can get that’s Worth Anything, Comes with a Fancy Piece of Paper (and a Hefty Price Tag). To MY way of Thinking….. a REAL Education Does have a “Price”…… but it’s not always Monetary! The Steepest Price, in my humble opinion, is the Lessons that Make You Dispose of Your Beliefs that You CLING To because they have been Drilled Into You by People You TRUST…… Well Meaning or Not……. because that’s the way THEY See the World or Want YOU to See It. Those Lessons Literally “Rock Your World”! What makes You Learned as opposed to Educated is Your Ability & WILLINGNESS to Let Go of What Doesn’t FIT with the New Information You’ve Acquired…… Regardless of Who Taught You or what Everyone Else BeLIEves!

For YEARS (some would say Decades, others possibly even Centuries) WE have been “Taught” Who to BeLIEve, Who is the BAD Guy, Who is the GOOD Guy, What’s GOOD for You (even if it hurts) & What’s BAD for You……. All based on someone else’s Perception of The World and Yours Role in it.

But Now….. with the advances in technology and most especially, the Internet……. People All Around the World are starting to See or at least Sense the Mass Manipulation that’s been going on. People are Asking Questions……. no longer Blindly Following Someone or Swallowing the Message that Individual has been Pushing. More & More, People are Learning that What They “Know”, quite possibly Just Ain’t SO! People are also deciding whether they wish to Continue down the Path of Finding Truth or Turning their back to it because it’s Just Too Difficult, takes Too Much Work….. and will Cost Them the False Security they’ve grown accustomed to!

We are in Interesting Times…… Information Times……… and Decision Making Times…….. but Never Forget the FACT that YOU are Responsible for How You Go Forward…… so Choose Wisely or Pay a Price that You May be More than You Bargained For.

Thanks for Listening & Be Sure to Check Out ALL the Other Awesome Shows here on the RLM!

Much Love ~ Grammy


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