Grammy’s Rocket Chair Podcast Blog – 2017-05-26

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Grammys Rocket Chair
Welcome to a FREEKER Friday, Memorial Weekend, Pastafarian Holy Day! AAARRRrrrrrrrr!!! RAmen!

It’s Amazing what happens when we start throwing our Beliefs around….. but what Really has me in Awe is the Difference of Results when dealing with Different People with Similar Beliefs. The only way I can explain it is, It Has to DO with the Vibe/Intent behind the Sharing of That Belief…..

If your Intent/Vibe is to Raise Up Others by Sharing Information and engaging in Discussion, odds are, Many will at least show Interest and possibly even investigate further….. basically, you are feeding minds. BUT… if the Intent/Vibe is to FORCE Others to Conform to Your Beliefs, whether they Agree with them or Not….. then the Opposite tends to happen and People either Give BACK what is being Thrown at them or Give the Belief’er a VERY Wide Berth!

I hope Y’all have an Amazing Holiday Weekend, Remember those who have Gone Before Us to the Non-Physical and the Contributions they made to Your Life!

Much LOVE ~ Grammy


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