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Grammys Rocket ChairGrammy’s Rocket Chair – The FREEKER Friday Edition!

Ahhh Yes, There is a Reason for the saying “TGIF” a.k.a. Thank Gawd it’s Friday! This has been a Long Week and I’m Very Ready for a Weekend of Relaxation…… not sure it will happen This Weekend…… but I’m Ready for One πŸ˜‰

I noticed this evening when reading one of the few articles I got to today that People have All Kinds of Habits they develop to deal with LIFE & all it’s Trials & Tribulations….. both Large & Small…. and Real or Imagined. And Yet, when you get right down to it, Whatever Habit we Use, We pretty much Use it Across the Board. So what are these Habits I’m talking about? Well, the Most Recognized ones are Drinking & Drugs…….. but there are others that most don’t realize are Coping “Habits”…… like Whining/Bitching, Being Promiscuous, Praying &/or Reading Your Holy Book of Choice (and sharing it with others, whether they Want You To of NOT), Playing Games (usually electronic) or My Habit or Choice…. Working in My Yard/Pulling Weeds.

Now, most of those are really pretty harmless….. IF you don’t go Overboard……. but the problem is…… when People Turn Those “Habits” Into Crutches! How do you know when you’ve crossed the Line from Habit to Crutch??? When Someone Gets BEAT OVER THE HEAD with it! Oh, and that Beating can be Physically or Metaphorically……. but either way……… There WILL Be Lumps!

I guess what I’m trying to say is…… Don’t Abuse Yourself or Others because You are having Trouble Dealing with LIFE and all that goes with it. Face Up to what’s giving you trouble……. Call Out those that are Belittling/Abusing You or Others……. Confront Your Fears Head On……… Learn to Channel Your Frustrations & Anger into Creating a Less Stressful Life! When You Do That……. you’ll also realize that LIFE Can & Should Be Enjoyable…….. and You will Really Begin to MAKE IT SO!

Thank You All for Listening In Today and Be Sure to Check Out ALL the Other AWESOME Shows here on the RLM!

Much Love ~ Grammy


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Grammy Mary
Grammy Mary



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