Grammy’s Rocket Chair Podcast Blog – 2017-09-06

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Grammys Rocket Chair

Grammy’s Rocket Chair – The WHACK-A-DOODLE Wednesday Edition!

Awww……. tonight started out So FUN…….. with a Silly Article about a 17yo Suing His Parents because he was Born White (SNARK). Then the Utah Cop that was a total ASS-MUNCH when he WRONGFULLY Arrested a Nurse for Doing Her JOB…… which meant She Kept HIM from Violating a Patient in Her Care……. well, He got FIRED from his Part-time Job as an Ambulance Driver! (Can I get a collective AAAWWWWW?) Yes, I Gloated….. and was looking forward to the Next Articles…… A Hurricane from 1780 & Wisconsin Nullifying the Federal Marijuana Prohibition…… alas, my Good Time was Short Lived…….

Yes, the Hurricane was an interesting tidbit…… but there was NO Nullifying in Wisconsin, just Legislation with Limitations for “The People” and a Great Big “CHA-CHING” for The State! That’s when things started the Downhill Slide in Grammyland…… funny how, what I Saw as a Positive Headline that was just Eye Candy for what was Really the Continuation of the “Regulating of a Plant” can be such a Let Down…… and yet, there you have it…… and things just continued to go downhill from there!

I Lost My MoJo……. no matter where I went, I found Headlines & Articles that either let me down or just plain Pissed Me Off! Oh Well….. it was bound to happen……. an evening that I am Less than Proud Of…… but there ya have it. I guess I’ll blame it on the Solar Flares, Hurricanes & Lack of Good Breakfast Burritos! (that’s MY Story & I’m Sticking To It!) Can’t have ANYTHING to do with My being Tired & Cranky can it????

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