Grammy’s Rocket Chair Podcast Blog – 2018-01-17

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Grammys Rocket ChairGrammy’s Rocket Chair on a WHACK-A-DOODLE Wednesday!

I may have to come up with another Term of Endearment for my Wednesday shows because the Universe is paying Too Close of Attention and My Wednesdays have been Pretty WHACKED for the last few Months…… Note to Self……. BE SPECIFIC With Your Intentions and by extension “Words”!

With my Note to Self in mind……. What you Take Into Yourself, whether it be Food that You Eat, Liquid that Drink, What You Inhale or What You Read, Watch or Listen To, which is ALL “Brain Food” is just as Important as what you Put Out into The World with your Words & Deeds. Actually, EVERYTHING that you do or say is a Direct Result of what you have Taken In! What you Feed Your Body & Mind and How You Digest It is the Ultimate In Personal Power……. a.k.a. Freedom.

The Problems come in when we either Don’t Choose Wisely or ALLOW Someone Else to Make Those Choices FOR Us. Either way, We are the ones that get to deal with the Results….. for Good or Ill. So the Next Time you complain about how Badly things are going, be sure to Check Yourself BEFORE You Point the Finger of Blame. I’m not saying that you are responsible for Everything that happens To or Around You……. we Do have to deal & interact with Others in this realm……. and odds are, they aren’t going to have Your Wants & Needs as Their Top Priority……. so Be Mindful in ALL Your Dealings. Be Careful WHOM You Trust to Make Decisions FOR You…… that goes Double for Anyone that is in a Position of “Authority” (whether Assumed or Assigned).

Q: Am I a Drop in the Ocean or The Ocean in a Drop?
A: I Am BOTH….. and So Are YOU!

In the end…… It’s YOUR Life…… Live it Wisely!

Thanks for Listening & be sure to check out All the Other AWESOME shows here on the RLM.

Much Love ~ Grammy

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