Grammy’s Rocket Chair Podcast Blog – 2018-02-02

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Grammys Rocket ChairThe FREEKER Friday Grammy’s Rocket Chair…… that had the Added FREEKINESS of being on the Same Day that a Grumpy Rodent declared that there will be 6 more weeks of winter! I really can’t blame him….. I’m be Grumpy Too if I was Rudely Dragged out of my nice warm Bed to Predict the upcoming Weather Patterns! If you did that to Me……. I’d probably Curse You with a lot more than just 6 More Weeks of Winter….. Just Say’n!

As for tonight’s broadcast…… well…… it’s pretty much summed up with……
“Here, There Be WORDS”…… Lot’s & Lot’s of Multi-syllable Words! I’m actually kinda proud of myself with making thru most of them, when it comes to Pronunciation and the fact that I even know what some of them Mean & can use them Properly in a Sentence! BUT, just because I CAN Use them does not mean I Need to or Will use them in my daily conversations with others……. and therein lies the Difference between Me and a lot of the Mouthpieces in the Public/Political Arenas!

For Them……. Words are Tools and also Weapons to be Used for Conveying One Thing to the Listener while oftentimes meaning something Entirely Different for the Speaker & a Select Few! They also like to use Multi-Syllabic Words for several purposes……… a) To Sound More Impressive a.k.a. More Intelligent than YOU……. and 2) To Befuddle & Bemuse the General Public a.k.a. Muddy the Waters in order to discourage the average person from Wading Thru All That Nonsense…. just to name a couple…… And they get away with it because Most are Busy just trying to get by from day to day, earning a Living (although, they are Already Living, why would they have to “Earn” it? I’ve always found that phrase Odd) and dealing with their own trials & tribulations……. so if something looks Too Ponderous (Lots of Gobble-Dee-Gook) the average Joe will look to someone else to give them a quick breakdown of what it all means…… and THAT is HOW “They” are Winning this WWIII. You see, WWIII has been going on for quite a while but it’s on an entirely different Battlefield than what we are accustomed to…… because This Battlefield is Your Mind!

In the Immortal Words of Led Zeppelin in “Stairway to Heaven”

“There’s a Lady who’s sure, all that Glitters is Gold and she’s buying a Stairway to Heaven.
When she gets there she knows, if the stores are all closed, with a Word she can get what she Came For.
There’s a sign on the wall but she wants to be sure, ‘Cause you know sometimes Words have Two Meanings.
In a tree by the brook, there’s a songbird who sings, sometimes All of Our Thoughts are Misgiven.”

Be Wary of the “Too Pretty Words”……. the Words that Stroke Your Ego……. the Words that Lead You Down a Path…….. the Words that “Seem” to Agree with Your Preconceived Notions……. the Words that are Casting a Spell while Slamming the Door to Your Prison!

Thank You for Listening & Be Sure to Listen to ALL the Other Awesome Shows here on the RLM!

Much Love ~ Grammy

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