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Grammys Rocket ChairGrammy’s Rocket Chair where I got a Little (Little???) WHACKY while Doodling Around on the Interwebs.

There’s a saying about Those who Refuse to Learn the Lessons from History are Doomed to Repeat It….. but there’s a Flip Side to That……. Those who Refuse to Acknowledge the Accomplishments of the Past are Doom to Lose Them!

Now I’m not just talking about The Great Pyramids, which “They” (those Ever So Educated Individuals from the Ivory Towers of Educraption) Still have NO CLUE How they were constructed or What Purpose they Served…… OR The Megalithic Structures in South America or The Far East or Stonehenge or any number of other Sites throughout the world for that matter! There are also Philosophies from around the world that We are just Beginning to Really Delve Into that are not only Very Similar when it comes to the Main Teachings but are also (for the most part) Much More Advanced when it comes to Understanding Consciousness and Our Physical Realm! Add to that, the Rich Knowledge of the Interactions & Benefits within Nature to Feed, Cloth, Shelter & Treat Our Dis-Ease……..

So Much of That Knowledge has been Dismissed or Poo-Pooed! We Now Live in a Technological Age where We have Mechanisms & Scientism……. We Don’t NEED all that Old Stuff….. We are Much More Advanced! So Sayeth the Ivory Tower Denizens…… The Ones who’ve had the ability to Think Critically Educated Right Out of Them and Replaced it with the Arrogance of Believing They are an Authority! Alas, we live in a World where we have Learning but no Real Knowledge……. Reality without Spirituality……. Laws without Morality……..

Here’s a little Reminder from those days long ago…… when WE were not So Learned…..

The only true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing ~ Socrates

Perhaps if we look back with Humble & Inquisitive Eyes we will Rediscover the Wisdom of the Ancients…….. Reconnect with the Accomplishments and Avoid the Pitfalls.

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Much Love ~ Grammy

#5g #Ancients #Arrogance #ClimateChange #Compassion #Empathy #Knowledge #PoisonFood #Scientism #Spirituality #Technology #Wisdom

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