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Grammys Rocket Chair

Grammy’s Rocket Chair – The Last FREEKER Friday of The Month……

In order to Build a Strong, Lasting Structure You MUST Start with a Strong Foundation! Sadly, The “Structure” of Our Current Society is Built on a Foundation of LIES! No matter Where you look….. No Matter What School of Thought…… No Matter What Discipline of Teaching You Follow…… The Foundation is a Creatively Edited LIE…… and as we All Know, Every “Good” LIE has at least a Kernel of Truth to it. We ALL have an Internal “LIE Detector” that goes off when someone is Telling a Whopper…… BUT…… If You Take a Truth & Tweek It (Creatively Edit) such as,

~ I was in a race with One other person and They Won…… when talking later with Someone Else that just knows I was in a race, didn’t know any of the particulars….. and they ask me “How did you do?” I could respond by saying 1) I came in Last or 2) I came in Second Place….. Both are Factual and yet Both are Also Misleading. ~

In that little Story there, My response was Misleading, I did not share pertinent Facts and therefore I told a LIE of Omission! THAT is Precisely what has Created Our Current Society…. and That is WHY This Structure WILL Collapse! When you leave out “Facts” due to Creative Editing (because they didn’t Support YOUR Story) you create Holes in the Foundation…. Weakening the Total Structure!

Thankfully, with the Help (and quite often Hindrance as well) of The Internet, it’s giving people the ability to Access & Interact with people all over the world….. and Some of those Missing “Facts” of the Foundation are coming to light….. and People are starting to SEE the Weakness of This Structure….. and are Beginning to Put the Puzzle Pieces Together in Their Proper Placement…… which in turn, Changes the Entire Structure!

It Takes Time & Patience to Put Things Right…… Hopefully, We will be well on our way BEFORE it All Comes Crashing Down on ALL of Us!

Thank You ALL for Giving a Listen & Be Sure to check out ALL the Other Awesome Shows here on the RLM!

Much Love ~ Grammy



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