A Day in the Life…….. of Tools 1

Chapter 43A The Hammer….. from the perspective of The Nails It started out like any other day….. just laying around….. most of us in The Box….. and a few scattered around…. on the counter, in drawers, on the floor…. and a few other places that Lawrd Only Knows how they got there. Now, before we go […]

A Norwegian Carpenter Thanks America for Metals Price Manipulation

Guest Post: A Norwegian Carpenter Thanks American Officials for PM Manipulation (via www.silverdoctors.com) Average Americans have debt over their ears they never can repay – and now your government wants to borrow more money, or print more worthless paper dollars? QE1, QE2, QE3, QE4, QE-Bankrupt! Are all of the American officials retards? And now your… 0

The Wonderful Wizard of ObamaScare

This morning, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius ‘appeared’ before the House Energy and Commerce Committee to answer questions about the already failed, and miserably so, ObamaCare system and the fraud that is the HealthCare.gov website. A couple of comments caught me as quite entertaining: GOP Rep. Joe Barton of Texas invokes “The Wizard of […]

Some Thoughts on Violence and Class Domination

What is a human to do? Not a clue. I do not condone use of violence, nor do I believe that we can own the means of administering it. Not particularly weapons of destruction, but any means of domination. Our government was devised as a means of domination, and not to free us the people, from […]

False Flag Attack – Pearl Harbor

A couple of the most controversial and inflammatory words thrown about the alternative news community are False Flag. Every time something newsworthy and terrible happens, glory-seeking attention grabbers are making claims of a false flag attack to anyone who will listen. I would like to sit back, take a breath, and examine some of the things […]

False Flag Operations – A Prologue

Does our government carry out false flag operations? The average conspiracy theorist yells a resounding “YES.” But how do you know? Because you read it somewhere? Because the last terrible thing that happened surely looked like it, or there was an emergency drill nearby? Sometime the best answers come from asking questions and not just believing […]