Knowledge is Power

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by TAO – The Hug Queen

I am writing this to you my friend, in a time where chaos is about to begin.

      I think of a time so long ago, a time when we gathered as a family and not looked upon as the enemy. Our world is so different now, do not kneel and bow. For I will be writing, writing for the fight, to share a voice, a voice of might. May we shout atop every building, til all are in harmony, they will hear, We shall not break, we shall stand strong, and peace and love will overcome. 

   For no man is any different than you or me, all wanting to live in harmony. Hand in hand across the sea, we stand for the right, the right to be free. Free from the lies in which they cover, free from the death brought on by war, free from the sprays in that air that hover.

   I ask of you to remember me, remember the ones that give their all, remember the ones that did not have a choice but to fall. Think of your neighbor, the stranger in the park, even your co-worker. For if we could make the choice, would you help everyone hear their voice. For they might be blinded, but you can help show them the way, just remember to not turn away. I know we can do this, our will is so strong. The chaos is coming and it won’t take long. For I will not give up and neither should you. The media pushes all in fear, but we must stand for the lives we hold so dear.To all that hear my voice, join me in the power of knowledge, while we still can make a choice.

 ~blessed be~

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