What Our Future Could Be

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What Our Future Could Be

We all must step away from our busy life, escape the technological world and just be. Enjoy the time with our friends and family. Take time to see the trees dance in the wind, listen to the birds sing all around, to take in nature and all her beauty.  I wish everyone to cherish this time, for imagine what it could be…….

   Think of what it would look like if tomorrow you walked out of your door and see cameras fixed upon the telephone poles. The birds that fly by, are ALL man made. Everything around, has a chip to be used against you and me. Every moment of everyday, being tracked and controlled and not to be free. No longer able to make your own choice of the path you wish to take. The air filled with so much junk, making it impossible to breathe. Our water filled with oil and radation, no longer able to drink.

   Now look out of the nearest window. What do you see? Do you see the trails in the sky, made to look like clouds? Do you see new street signs and lights, replacing the old? Do you notice more farmland being filled with GMO crops? Do you see the water supplies being cluttered with debris.

   We must help the blinded notice what is happening. We must not push them, but to guide them onto the path of knowledge and truth. We must save our children from the future that can be.

   With a postive outlook we can be free. Free from the tyranny that is taking over you and me. We must rise and shout together… “We will stand for our right, the right to be free. Free to have.. PEACE, LOVE, AND HARMONY”

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