The Warriors

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    We have many paths in this life we can take. Some choose to take the blinded, sometimes, much easier path. Though some, like myself, choose to take the path less traveled. With this comes hard times. We have days where we get beat down yet we still find the strength to stand back up and continue on. 

    We have the souls of warriors, yet our hearts still able to care for others. Every battle comes with lessons learned. Knowledge in which we use to further our survival. No matter the knowledge we have gained nor the battles we have won, will help us through the ulimate battle that is coming.

    We must use every ounce of our being if we wish to survive. We must gain strength from our brothers and sister to overcome this tyranny. United we are a force that can NOT be stopped, as one we are but alone, to be beaten and destroyed.

    We must use our hearts to help us along the way, with it we will find those of like mind. Those who will not turn a cold shoulder, but instead help you up when you have fallen. We must keep the fire burning for all of mankind, for if it goes out, we have not succeeded in the battle.

    Will you stand with me and hold the flame of life, never giving in and never giving up the fight? We are the warriors of the future, each and everyone of us. We will walk the path less travelled together and we will overcome.

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