The Past, Present, and Our Future If We Do Not Stand Up And Stop The Changes

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The Past, Present, and Our Future If We Do Not Stand Up And Stop The Changes


Obey   The world today has changed drastically in the years. We have been told this or that will “help” us and make our lives easier. Families in those days didn’t ask questions of what the out come would be, they just obeyed the system.

   This same system has led us down a dark and twisted path, with the intention of mass genocide. We have been ingesting ALL the chemicals that our governments produce. We have been lied to for FAR TOO LONG! Our planet, as well as each and every one of us, can only take in so much before the inevitable happens, DEATH!

Chembow   I and many others, are TIRED of seeing the chemtrail sprays on a daily bases. TIRED of all the oil spills, the fracking, and the earthquakes. We are tired of seeing OUR home being destroyed while THEY have no cares in the world. The planet can only fight back so much. Yet, when do we say enough is ENOUGH!

   We are able to see the moon later in the day, though most are not questioning this. We are watching our streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans filled with contaminants. It is not hard to imagine our future planet if this continues on.  To think of EVERY water source with a greenish/yellowish tint, endless amounts of land with NO  vegetation.

 Water pollution The effects of this biological warfare are taking place around us. Cancer and death are on the rise. The circle of life is being broken. We are the only ones that can stop what the future holds for us. If we don’t, all that will be left is a planet full of dust and waste water.

  This image might scare many, but this is needing to be seen. This is OUR future! Is this what you want?
Book Of Eli Scene

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