Allowing To Be Mislead

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Allowing To Be Mislead

   Bills have been signed around the world passing into “Ordinance/Law” to take control over the land we live on. We have been mislead to “believe” it was ours to do with as we wish. To raise a family, grow what we wanted, etc. How very untrue these statements were and are to this day.

   As the years have passed since this began, so many people have sat back and ALLOWED this to take place. Buy in to the system that wishes to do nothing but take. THEY push upon farmers to provide food that THEY wish, and most farmers “allowed” this to happen so that they do not lose what the generations before them started.

  No Trespassing
   Water ways are controlled by this same system. The land around the fresh waters are being bought up by the CORPORATE giants, so that we, the “lesser” being, have to pay out more of “their” mighty dollar just to receive. While the ocean are contaminated and never “free” to travel upon, we continue to “allow” it to happen.

   We are “taxed” in every direction and still most choose to “allow” this to take place. WHY?

Taxes   Most think that they can not stand up to this system that is attempting to imprison them in their homes. These individuals feel that if they do NOT do as they are told they will have everything taken from them and possibly jailed. They are “allowing” the corrupt system to push fear into their lives.

   These same individuals are mislead to believe that it is some “terrorist” in another country or another “force” that has caused all of this to take place. We can not blame them for what has been spoon-fed into their homes for so many years. Every individual on this planet DOES have a limit to what they can take. Whether they have chosen to be no longer mislead years ago, today, or on that final day when they see the chaos begin, that is their choice and theirs alone.

   The corrupt systems will have their day when they shall find that no one is allowing their enforcement to be pushed ANY longer. That day is coming, but the uncertainty of it scares many. Whether you are religious or do not follow any religion, you see it taking place every day. People around the world are standing and demanding a better world. One without chemtrails, GMO food, chemicals in our water, and the biggest of all.. the taxing of EVERYONE of a currency that was never our to begin with.

   Breaking the chainsWhile there are ways to escape their chains, one must understand that there are material things that have to be given up. Most are not ready to do so. They want the convenience in life that has been provided to them for control and so the vicious circle of the mislead will continue until that day comes when individuals say “NO.. I will NOT allow you to control me any longer”.

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