To all the controllers in the world

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To all the controllers in the world,

   We will NOT follow your bullshit laws and ordinances. We ARE taking back control of our lives. No longer will you be able to force fear upon us in order to gain “power” over ANYONE. We will NOT let you get away with your Genocide Agenda.  

   We are many and you are few. We have had ENOUGH! We have stopped taking your death causing vaccines. We have spread the word about your GMO bullshit foods! People are seeing what you are spraying in our skies.

   Your BULLSHIT is no longer working on the mislead. They see what you are doing to people through out the world. No one believes your “we are here to help you” statements any more.

   All over the world WE THE PEOPLE are standing against you. Against the CONTROL, LIES, GENOCIDE, and TYRANNY. We will NOT support your wars that cause death to millions of innocent people.

   You will NO LONGER see us standing on the side lines watching as you do whatever YOU wish! We will no longer lurk in the shadows in which you have wanted us to remain. We will walk in the open free from the shackles that you ATTEMPT to force upon us.

   You will no longer use our flesh for your personal gain. You have forced enough anger, pain, and sadness. WE WILL STAND TOGETHER AGAINST YOU THE CONTROLLERS OF THE WORLD!!!

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