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February 19, 2014

UK Town Starts Texting Residents To Remind Them They’re Obese

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Still Report #190 Calif Assembly Passes Cryptos Unanimously

Published on Feb 18, 2014
The California State Assembly has passed a law to make cryptos “legal tender”.

Links to other Important Stories I didn’t have time to cover on the show

New Zealand Minister responds to claims that he is a shapeshifting reptilian

‘Ukrainian protests degenerated from hooliganism to terrorism since January’

Published on Feb 19, 2014
There’ve been accusations of the use of live ammunition by both sides in the conflict. Protesters are well armed but it’s unclear just where they’ve sourced their firearms from. They were also using grenades, fireworks and molotov cocktails against law enforcers. Others threw rocks, wielded baseball bats and metal rods. Attempts were also made to ram trucks through police cordons. Let’s now get some analysis from Srdja Trifkovich, foreign-affairs editor for the Chronicles magazine.

Unite and Conquer: Fighting Back Against the Oligarchy

In the tech field, the open source revolution is reimagining the way people collaborate, share knowledge, and produce innovations. From 3D printing and the sharing of the digital blueprints for the design of all manner of household objects under creative commons licenses to the creation of downloadable roadworthy car chassis to the sharing of designs and ideas for farming technologies in the open agriculture revolution, people are finding all sorts of new ways to come together regardless of political or philosophical or racial or class distinction to create vibrant, alternative communities of like-minded people interested in finding solutions to humanity’s problems.

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