Drilling and Fracking… What the MSM Doesn’t Share

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Drilling and Fracking… What the MSM Doesn’t Share

   For many years wallets have been lined from the profits of drilling and fracking. The workers trained on how the job is to be done and provided “instruction” on where and how deep they should go. These workers are only provided the information to keep themselves safe and the rest of the crew, NOT on how to save the people living in the surrounding area or the land/water “if” something should go wrong.

   Through the years we have heard these topics come into the MSM, but only for a short time. They want us to forget the destruction they have caused/ing. The families living near these areas are NEVER told what their homes are built on and how the land has been contaminated.

   These companies don’t care who or what they harm. Their only desire is to take EVERY ounce they can from one location, then move on to the next until there will be NO MORE to take. All for profit while disaster is being created. Yet, they want us to believe this is safe and there is NO HARM in what they are doing.

   Every time they take something from the earth, they know the ground will shift; causing an earthquake and/or a sinkhole to occur. The devastation they are causing will continue for years if we do not stop this from happening. We are already seeing the affects take place. Towns will be engulfed in sinkholes; while families are displaced, gases are being unleashes, and toxic water is being created.
   When will the WORLD unite and DEMAND these companies stop lining their pocket while the planet and everything on it is destroyed from their GREED.

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