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Grammys Rocket ChairWHACK-A-DOODLE Wednesday where we recognize that Karma is only a Bitch if YOU Are……

Welcome, Welcome, One & ALL to the Karma Kafe…….. where the menus are updated on a daily basis by each customer’s actions……. so that they WILL be Served EXACTLY what they Earned…… no worries about having a reservation…… there’s a Seat for Everyone!

Maxine Waters & Permit Patty are currently being served Their Comeuppance & the Italian Government is looking to Eat some Crow after trying to Force Feed the populace with their Mandatory Vaccine Legislation……. Oh, and let’s not forget about Beijing China and how they are Still trying to Choke Down the Toxic Soup they’ve made of Their Air.

Now I have to say that Karma can serve some Tasty Tidbits as well…… People are stepping away from the Propaganda Trough and Researching for Themselves……. Learning for Themselves just how Beneficial those Plants known as Cannabis Really Are! Minds are changing……. and Appetites are too…… I think I See some Yummy Desserts with Nuts on Top just got added to the menu.

All this reminds me of a Prayer I saw Years Ago…….. “Lord, Help Me to Keep My Words Sweet & Tender for tomorrow I may have to Eat Them.” I must admit that My Words can be quite Salty & Tough from time to time……. but I don’t mind…….. so long as I don’t make a steady diet of it.

Thanks Y’all for Listening & Playing Along and be sure to check out ALL the Other Awesome Shows here on the RLM!

Much Love ~ Grammy

#Cannabis, #Hemp, #Karma, #MadMaxineWaters, #MandatoryVaccines, #PermitPatty

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