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Did you know that Everyone comes equipped with a BS Detector? It’s TRUE! We’re All Born with one…. it’s called Your “gut instinct” or “conscience”…… and it’s designed to let you know when Someone or Something “Just Ain’t Right”. The problem is…… very few exercise it….. it’s kind of a Use It or Lose It thing….. AND….. There are some that not only Know This but are also actively working to Keep Others from Realizing How Powerful That Built-In Detector REALLY IS!

How do I know this? Well…… Just look at Our Current System….. it’s based on the BeLIEf in an External Authority…… and THAT is The Biggest Load of BS Ever Created!

Think about it…… go back to your earliest memories from childhood…… can you remember a time when you Didn’t Have Someone telling you what you Could or Could NOT Do? What You Should or Should NOT Say? Yes, I know, Little Ones have Parents/Care Givers during those first few years…… they are necessary during the initial growing & exploring years…… but if any of you have someone like My Mom……. you may have heard a lot of “Well, that’s what happens when you do ____________, I guess you’ll know better Next Time”. She was teaching me to Use My Gut Instinct, to Exercise that Sense of “Knowing” by Allowing Me to Skin My Knees, Bump My Head, Get My Feelings Hurt…… (there were times I had to Retake Lessons because I was Bullheaded….. ) because for many of us, Experience is the Best Teacher.

That’s all well and good until you come to realize that your early childhood is the Foundation that Other’s will USE to build upon……. as your Parents are relinquishing Authority/Control over You…… Society & it’s Tools…… Organized Religion, Public Education, Government & Work start to pickup what your Parents Dropped and then start Adding To It….. and next thing you know (IF you actually realize it) You have next to NO SAY in Your Daily Life! You No Longer Exercise Your BS Detector because Someone Else has Convinced You that You Don’t NEED To…… That’s what They are There For! Your lack of Exercise is Their Job Security!!!

The Crazy part is that this has been going on for So LONG that Very Few (although I’m seeing more & more lately) would even Consider anything different……. and THAT was All By Design….. Part of The Program, if you will…… and that brings a Whole Different Aspect of “Get With the Program” to Light.

If YOU no longer wish to Be Under Someone Else’s “Authority”…….. then it’s Time to Start Exercising! Work those Mental Muscles! Get Your Gut back in Shape! Tune In to Your Inner Voice! It probably won’t be Easy or Painless for Many……. but You’ll FEEL Better in the Long Run!

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Much Love ~ Grammy

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