The Time is NOW

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The Time is NOW

   Share the knowledge that you have gained with all. We no longer have the time to just voice our opinions, we must act on enlightening others to make the ultimate change in the world.

   For if we do not, everything that makes life worth living will be taken away or destroyed. We must show the children of the world that we DO care about them, as well as, their future.

   Enough people have been disfigured and lost their loves, due to the government controlling bastards. It is our time to act, no more voicing how we feel.

   Our words have been shut out and overlooked. They have decided to twist our words for their own gain. To them we are the dirty breeders that must be eliminated.

   One must look at what our ancestors had gone through, what they strived to achieve. We must continue on where they left off.

   We MUST do this NOW, we no longer have the time to wait!

   Blessed are the souls of the warriors that fight for the good of mankind. They protect the land for the next generation of warriors that will come. They will never give up, nor will they ever be forgotten.

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